Postive Test Negative Test I Want To Be Preganat Am I

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crystal - May 11

ok ladies..please share with period is not late! i took the test because i had a said the next morning i took a 2nd to confirm...negative?? what.negative..I just was trying to confirm the went to the doctor..they did a urine test. so upset. but they say wait...wait to see iif i miss my period..thats not due for 2 weeks...time is driving me crazy. i was on birth control, but i know i had missed a day here and there. so i stopped taking my BC just in case i was pregnant...i am experiencing some brownish red spotting....oh...i guess it might be my period starting-im so depressed...usually if i missed a day on my pills i would start my period of course, just like what might be happening...any advice


Faith - May 11

All you can do is wait it out. Sorry you are going through this. But God works in mysterious ways. If you were on bc pills maybe he wanted to give you a sign to stop taking them and have a baby? Maybe he used this to make you realize you wanted to get pregnant. You may be pg now and just not detecting on all the tests. Good luck.


Crystal - May 11

FAITH - thanks - thats great advice, im always asking God to guide me, maybe sometimes i dont pay attention when he's doing so. thanks again


superbadchick - May 12

I had a positive & then 5 negatives & my period was 14 days late & extremely short for my usual. I'm going to the doctor on Friday to check for sure.


crystal - May 15

ok so heres my update...i had a 4 day period from the 11th to yesterday. VERY heavy - crazy!! i wasnt due for a period until next weekend....but in past years when ive stopped taking the pill i have had this 'weird period' so i guess ill a__sume im not pregnant for now....ill wait to see when i have another period, or ill take another test in a week(when my normal period should have come) -



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