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A.LEWIS - June 19

Hello. I am 5 days late.(Im NEVER late) I have sore nipples and when I squeeze them, I have like a white/sometimes clear liquid that comes out. I have been feeling a little sleepy lately. I've been having like a "lotiony" discharge f for the past week, my br___t are heavy and they seem bigger and yesterday and today (6/19/2005) its been feeling like AF is coming, when I go to check, nothing is there. Has this happened to anyone?!! I 've taken 3 HPTs, and all 3 negative. I haven't been stressing over anything either. If i am pregnant, is it just thatI dont have enough HCG built up? I've read some women just dont show positive on urine test...Has this happened to anyone here? I just really need advice...(ive posted this in other forums to get as much advice as i can, so if u see it again, u dont have to post again :-)) thank u guys in advance


Tiff - June 19

Hi A. I am about 22 days late. Should be getting my AF soon. I have been on most of these post.. so im not sure how many ive even answered or read... Just nice to have a waiting buddy...Ive taken 4 test, first response and clear blue easy ( which was pointless) .. all NEG...GRRRR....wait wait wait... Good Luck !!


Kirsty - June 19

I am another to join the club. I am 2 weeks late and have several "pregnancy" type symptoms. But 2 HPT (clearblue) have been BFN's. I am going to go to the docs tommorow and see what he says.


to Tiff and Kirsty - June 20

Let me know how everything goes. I hope u guys get ur bFp.


J.Wiersema - June 20

I have had that happen when I was pregnant with my daughter. I think I took twelve tests! It didn't even show up on a blood test until I was two weeks late. Good Luck!


to J. Wiersma - June 20

So when did the HCG show in your urine? Or did u just go ahead with the blood test results?


Kirsty - June 20

Well I have just come back from the doctors. He did another urine test which came back negative. He seemed to think that I am most probably not pregnant but has ordered a blood test anyway to make sure (which I should get the results of tommorow). So all in all I still feel dissatisfied and confused. I am now over 2 weeks late and have no sighs at all of AF, I am very bloated and have lots of discomfort in my tummy area. I haven't been on the pill for over 3 years and have had regular AF for the last 6 mths (since stopping breatfeeding my daugher who is now 20 mths old). I don't actualy mind not being pregnant but I know there is something going on and it is so frustraiting not knowing what it is. And I just want to get on with trying to have a baby! Sorry for ranting I just needed a bit of a vent.


A.Lewis - June 20

Hey Kirsty, just have faith. Its a post under the pregnancy test forum, and the girl was 7 weeks late and was still testing negative on blood and urine, and the doctor insisted she was not pregnant. But this girl just knew her body seemed different and that she was pregnant. A few more weeks later, she had a v____al ultrasound and it showed she WAS PREGNANT, but was still showing negative. U should read her story. "its t_tled 7 weeks w/o period, negative tests" i think...but u should read the forum, her story is very uplifting. It gave me hope, it may do the same for u....good luck


Kirsty - June 21

Thanks for letting me know about the otherthread. I have had a quick read, yes very interesting. I will wait and see what the blood test show but it saus neg and I still feel pregnant and don't get AF I think I will insist on a scan even if I have to pay for it (if I am pregnant the government will pay for it in NZ).


Tiff - June 21

Hey yall, I to sread about the lady that was over 7 weeks late. Im only 25 days late, and yes getting ( maybe ) period frustrating..I am trying to wait to see if my period is coming.. my husband is wanting to know either way...IF i am we have ALOT of work to do !!!!.... like adding a room to the house. haha....I know its nutty to even think ive gained any weight this short of time- BUT my stomache feels hard... different some way, and i know its TMI but gas....all the time which is just strange..and nothing i like food wise is any good anymore. This would be my first so im at a total loss,I wish i knew more about it all. I have talked to my mother and all she has really said is to wait it out or go ahead and see the doc. She never had any problems finding out she was pregnant with us.


Jess - June 21

I am 2 months late as of yesterday. My periods are very regular.Ive taken 3 pregnancy tests now,all have shown up negetive.I havnt been stressed or lost or gain enough weight to make my period stop. Ive been having some pregnancy symptoms.I didnt think I was pregnant since the tests show'd up negetive.But now my pants are starting to fit diffrerent.Im scared to think im pregnant because ive been pregnant before and miscarried.Since i am now 2 months late I am for sure getting to the Dr. this week........Advice or similar stories is sooooooo needed right now! Im going crazy!!!! thanks all!


Kirsty - June 21

Well the doctor called me just before dinner time to say that my blood test is negative. So I am back to the waiting game. I was having pains in my tummy but that seems to have eased off a today so I am feeling less worried (I have had an eptopic pregnancy before so was concerned I might have be having another or a miscarrage), so now it is back to the waiting game. But it seems that it is not entirly impossable to still be pregnant and get negative urine and blood tests so I will wait and if I still have no AF I might insist on a scan. I did try to tell the doctor about the forum posts (and one medical case study involving an eptopic) I have seen where women have experianced negative test results but still been pregnant, but I don't think he realy took me all that seriously. Good luck to everyone else waiting too.


Kirsty - June 22

Still no sign of Af for me yet. But I am feeling much better than I have for the last couple of weeks and I am feeling much more energtic. How is everyone else doing?


A.Lewis - June 22

Hey Kirsty. Im 8 days late...STILL no sign of AF, i took a HPT sunday, but came back negative. I dont know whats goin on...My nipples are still sore, and i still have a milk-like substance coming from my nipples


Merna - June 22

I am 5 days late, and the 2 HPT I have taken both say neg. Thing is, last year I was preg. and miscarried. The very first test I took after only being late one day showed positive. Has anyone else had an early positve for one pregnancy, and negatives so late for a second pregnancy? I have the same symptoms as last time, sore nipples, tired, bloated, but no period symptoms like cramping or usual headaches. Any thoughts would be greatly appriciated.


Kirsty - June 22

Hi A.Lewis. I am 18 days late and still nothing. I haven't got sore b___sts but still have a bigger than normal tummy and have the sensation of my uterus expanding(I have had a normal pregnacy before). I figure as long as I am feeling better (pains I was having have gone) I will wait another 2 weeks and go back to the doctor again. Only this time I think I will try and get to see my normal female doctor instead of the male one I saw the other day. I will keep posting what is going on with me and checking our little thread. Even if I am not pregs it is nice to know I am not alone in having this experience. Even my DH thinks I am just a bit mad :( I guess as long as you feel heathy otherwise and the doctors have done a blood test the only thing we can do is wait and we will either resume our normal cycle or give birth in 9 months time. Good luck and baby dust for all that want it.


Buff - June 23

I am 13 days late and extremely regular, like clockwork, but 3 negative hpt? Advice?!



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