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rachie_d@2014 - April 11

Hi there I’m 7 weeks late on my period as of today. I’m not sure what’s going on I’ve never been this late before. In fact the last time I was this late I was pregnant with my daughter. Now tiday I took 3 pregnancy tests. 2  from Dollarama and the other was First Response. The one from Dollarama had one line but a faded other line. The other two showed negative. So I’m really confused. Am I just late? Or is something else wrong? Please help!!


Grandpa Viv - April 13

Rachie, I don’t think it likely you are 11 weeks pregnant with no signs to talk about other than missing periods. I think you should have a doctor check it out and jump start your cycle again. 


rachie_d@2014 - April 13

Hi I went to the doctors and all they did was a urine test and as usual it came back negative ???? thanks for the feedback tho appreciate it ????


Grandpa Viv - April 15

Next time just ask the doc to get your monthly cycle regulated. It could be that birth control pills would do the trick. 


rachie_d@2014 - April 19

I don’t use birth control and like I’ve stated this has never happened before. I went to the docs last week did another urine pregnancy test and it still is negative. I’m 57 days late now.


Moona - July 7

Hello sister, I think you have to go to the test as soon as possible. I don't think so. That the matter is same as you are thinking about. I think you have to take a complete checkup. And for this thing, you have to choose the best one, doctor. Who can understand and guide you properly. I have listened about some clinics who are not working well. I am very upset with them. I do not want but this is such an annoying situation. That doctors not working properly. So you have to search for the best clinic. So you can find the best result. Hope for the best. I will pray for you. Good luck.


Moona - July 7

I am very sorry but you have to take a clear and final test for you. I know you are confused at this time but. You have to do it for you. It is very necessary for you. My best friend also facing the same situation. And the doctor advises her to take complete checkup. Now she is very normal. And also she got pregnant. You just need to stay positive and strong. It will surely help you. I can imagine you hesitation at this time. But you have to think about your test. I will pray for you. Hope you will find good news. Best wishes to you dear. Stay blessed.



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