Pregnancy After A Tubal Ligation

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anna - May 11

has anyone of you ever gotten pregnant or known someone that has after having a tubal ligation.I heard the odds are a lot better than I would of originally thought. any answers would be much appreciated


Faith - May 11

My friend had her tubes tied for 11 years and had the reversal surgery done. (and her insurance paid for it) She was suppose to wait a few months before trying but didn't. She got pregnant the very first month and now has a beautiful 17 month old little girl.


kat - May 13

I am curious also if anyone knows of anyone that has gotten pregnant after a tubal ligation. without having a tubal reversal done.any replies would be helpful.


wondering - May 14

doesn't anyone have any information on this subject . would really appreciate the input.


Liberty - May 15

This happens more often than you probably think, but it is still pretty rare. I have read some varying info on this, ranging from .05% to as high as 5%. It also varies depending on the method your dr used. Bilateral tubal cauterization, where the tubes are cut and burned shut thereby cutting off the blood supply is supposedly the most effective. There are a couple other methods that are used too. I have also read that it is more likely to have a failure if the tubal is done immediately after delivery since the uterus is still enlarged, making the tubes harder to see. I am not an expert by any means, this is just stuff I have found from researching the topic. If you suspect you are pregnant, you need to get to a dr asap because the incidence of an ectopic pregnancy (where the baby implants in the tube, or another place in the area) is higher. I have read anywhere from 30% to 50% of pregnancies after a tubal failure are ectopic. I had a tubal ligation done in Sept 2004 but have not had a period in a couple months and have had a couple positive pregnancy tests. My dr didn't think my uterus was enlarged so he prescribed my Provera to induce bleeding. I finished that prescription last week and haven't bled yet. I will return to him in a couple weeks. In the meantime I am paying close attention to any pains I have. Some symptoms a__sociated with ectopic pregnancies are abdominal/pelvic pain and pain in your sholder blades. Also pelvic pressure is a warning sign. Hope this has helped. If there is something you think I have left out - ask! I just may have read something on that too. LOL This is a topic I have spent HOURS researching in the last couple weeks.


me - May 15

ok what if u had only 1 tube cut , tied and burnt.. and the other was removed due to ectopic.. and still get pg signs.. I read in rare occasions your tube can grow back


Klee - May 20

I had my tubes tied 6 yrs ago and was recently pregnant. I did miscarry but the baby was not in my tubes. I miscarried b/c I had a cyst rupture ON my tubes, it was really very scary and crazy that it happened after all of these years. I am hoping to have my tubal reversed though, b/c I cramp so bad and bleed really heavy.


anna - May 20

thanks for responding, I thought that if you got pregnant after a tubal ligation that you would not need a reversal because that means it grew back together by themselves doesn't it? Well the reason i was asking in the first place is because i regret ever having mine tied. I would very much like to have another child. My only problem is my husband does not want to voluntarily. He says that if it happens after i had my tubes tied that would be alright but he does not want me to get a reversal.So i guess i will just have to pray that i will be one of the rare cases where they grow back together somehow.


nelly - May 21

my hairstylist got her tubes tied and had them tied for years and she got pregnant with them still tied.


Klee - May 23

I also want another baby, so does my husband. When the doctor removed the cyst, he said my tubes had not grown back together and that the baby was not in my tubes. Reversals are so expensive, but we are getting ready to really look into it and see what we can do.


Elizabeth - May 27

This is the first time I am 8 wks late however I am also in line for the menopause. Have half a tube and one ovary. Is it possible


sheila - October 10

I had a friend who had her tubes tied after her first child. She surprisingly became pregnant again 2 yrs later. She now has two beautiful little girls.


miz11 - October 12

My friend's mom was pregnant in her tubes about four times. The first three ended in miscarriages.The fourth time she had a girl. She named her Miracle.She is now seventeen.


dayna - November 23

I had my tubes tied 51/2 years and now regret it I pray I am one of those rare occasions where I can get pregnant and have a healthy baby I am going to pray for all of you and pray for me.I can't afford a reversal so I am basically looking for a miracle.


Kim - November 23

My roommate had her tubes tied for 8 1/2 years and she got pregnant. She was told that they are only guaranteed for 7 years and the nurse told her that as many as 1 in 10 fail.


sandy4 - September 27

I dont know anyone who has gotten pregnant after having their tubes tied , but I think I may be. I am 8 weeks late and having signs of pregnancy. My tubes have been tied for 8 years and I would love to have another baby, Taking a test in the morning. But I am scared of what can go wrong. If I am pregnant and it's in my tubes it would kill me to have to end the pregnancy even though I know I didnt have a choice


mandi pandi - July 14

1John5:14-15 God made a promise hold him to it.



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