Pregnancy Positive Then Negative Am I Pregnant

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hanna - October 14

Hi I missed my period which was due on the 9th Oct i did two pregnancy test on the 12th which both said positve since then i have done 3 more all of different makes and they all say negative. been to the doctor and he said leave it a couple of weeks and try again im just so confused i have all the signs of pregnany... can any one help?????


me - October 14

hanna ask the doctor to give you a blood test. that is the most accurate test of all of them.


Kelly - October 14

Three days ago I took 3 preg tests and all had a faint line, now have taken 3 test and nothing! I think I might be h. having a chemical preg. I don't know, I would like to think that there is still a chance of being preg but I doubt it. Any ideas?


sara - October 16

Hanna and Kelly-did you guys find out anything yet?i am going through the same thing and was looking for a little hope.I have a drs appt tomorrow.


Jasmine - October 17

Hi, I took a pregnancy test at home this saturday and it was positive and today when I got my blood test done at the hospital -it came out negative. I feel disappointed. I feel like I am pregnant and my period has been 10 days late. Has anyone experienced the same? Any advise would be nice.


Sara - October 18

I just had a nurse write me and she said that you can have positives then negs especially in early pregnancy because your hcg fluctuates and also if your urine is more diluted or you have urinated more frequently.Reading that tonight gave me my hope back after a lot of people were telling me that I was probably having a chemical pregnancy.Jasmine-I have also read of woman getting neg results on blood then waiting a week and retesting and coming up pos.Keep up the hope and baby dust to all of you!!Keep us posted!I go for my blood test on Thurs.I was suppose to have AF today and Nothing so I am really thinking I am pg!!!Yeahhh!


Jasmine - October 19

Sara, thanks for your reply. I am going to wait a week and take the test again. Hopefully it will be positive. I will keep you guys updated. Good luck all.


denise - October 19

to jasmine, I Am goin through the exact same thing,I have a dr. appt on fri i will keep ya posted.


Jasmine - October 19

thanks Denise. Good luck!


elke - October 25

I had a positive test one morning (day of missed period) and then the next morning I did the same ept test and it was negative....dont know what to think...I am going to wait a few days and then test again...I still have notgotten AF but I am waiting...ugggg


Jennifer - October 25

I am going through the exact same thing as well. I took a HPT on Sunday morning and it was clearly positive, but when I took one today it was negative. I'm really scared that I have already miscarried.


Lynn - October 26

Hanna.. Ask the doctor for a bloodwork. I am going through the same thing, heheh. But the only way your going to find out sooner is you take a bloodword. Some pregnancy tests will not read that you are or not. Goodluck!


Elke - October 26

Well, I started today :( so I am a__suming I was pregers and then the egg dissolved...I am staying positive, at least it means I CAN get pregnant. This month I start injections that will help me have stronger eggs so hopefully the pregnancy will keep. Best of luck to all of you!


Sana - October 28

Hi, well I'm going to the same thing all of u are but I taken 5 test and the first one came up pos and the rest neg, (I think The first test I took was the best one u can use) I had blood test yesterday and will find out on monday wheather I am or not I really feel pregnant and I have almost all the signs, I'm really confused right now and hopefully someone can help me I'm only 16


sarah - October 31

I have a Q. I took a prg. test on friday, it came back pos. then sunday i started my period. could I be pregnant?


Mandy - November 6

I am having the same problem. My Period was due on the 1st of Nov. I took 4 pregnancy tests, the first 2 were positive, now they are saying negative. My husband and I are reallly confused. Will update when we really find out.


bochonkosash - January 15

hi im haveing the exact same problems, ive had 4 positive tests now im haveing negative ones now i dont het it please help me 2 ???? !!!!!



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