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pinkie - April 29

Okay..I took a pregnancy test last night. After one minute or so, my daughter needed my help so i stuffed the test in a that point there was only one read like it was negative...this morning i pulled open the drawer and there were 2 there a time limit where they all read positive? I am only 4 days late...i am experiencing a couple symptoms (tired and a sensitive br___ts.)..


could be - April 29

Test again to be on the safe side. Good Luck!!


pinkie - April 29

Okay.. I know 'could be' is probably right, that i need to re-test...but i really want to know if the time that lapsed affects positive tests...a co-worker told me that time can affect a positive (that it may not continue to show), but a negative doesn't turn into a positive after a few hours...


Faith - April 29

If it was a pretty noticeable pink line you probably are. The test says not to read after so long but that is mainly because of an evaporation line. After a prolonged period of time you might see a very, very faint positive line when It's not really positive. If you have a pretty good line I'd say Congratulations you are pregnant. Go to the Dollar General and get one of those one dollar tests.


Holly - April 30

Ok girls I need your help...I did something truly awful and I thought that I would get away with it but now it dosn't look like I am going to be so lucky...You see back in February sometime around the 22 or 23 my best friend went on an educational trip with her French cla__s to France for a week. Her boyfriend of three years was feeling pretty lonley. He paid me a visit. While he was at my house, he started telling me that he always had a thing for me and how he thought I was way prettier then my friend. I felt taken aback at first but her his very tempting and very cute, and one thing led to another and we had s_x. I felt so dirty afterwards. I couldn't believe how I betrayed m friend like that. I felt and even bigger stab when she returned from her trip and he proposed to her. Here comes the funny part I haven't had my period I'm cranky and moody and very highly emotional. I have taken one test that came up with a faint possitive, When I went to tell him about it, he called me a cheap you know what and told me that he would hurt me if I was pregnant. I am so scared!!! What do I do?


Amanda - May 17

I took three tests and each were neg at first but I checked those again when I got home tonight and they all had a very faint line. Is it possible for three tests to all have evaporation lines? I am nervous cause I just started some diet pills two days ago and quit when I started feeling sick and took three test but since all were neg this morning I took the diet pills again Any suggestions


bump - May 24




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