Pregnancy With Periods Has This Happened To You

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kat - May 12

I am curious if anyone has had their period during their pregnancy. I have had three children and never have before, but now i really feel like i am pregnant but am still having my period it is coming late and a little lighter than normal, but none the less here. does anyone have any knowledge or comments to offer on the subject. I also have been testing negative on two tests but have alot of symptoms, like naseau bloating sore br___ts and fatigue. please help!


BJM - May 13

I'm going through the same thing. My period wasn't supposed to start for another week & half. I started this dark brown spotting then it got darker almost like a period. but then its lighter. And I can barely tell I'm having it unless I wipe. I've been having unusual cramps in my uterus. my b___st have bluish veins on them almost purple and they are very tender. But I keep testing i testing to soon?


me - May 15

omg me too.. I did a test this morn, was neg :( was supposed to start normal af on 5/13 but didnt.. had early af 5/2 which lasted only 4 days.. it came lil over 2 weeks b4 normal af.. been having achiness in lower abdomen, more like my ovary.. tired as hell.. Blue veins like crazy on my chest and down..BBS not too sore.. so I dont know.. I dont know if I tested too soon.. or what. but I tested 14 days after that bleeding episode.. its enough to bring me to tears.. in fact it has.. let me know how things go with you.. gl


bump - May 16



BJM - May 16

i thought the spotting had stop but its like a light pink now


worried - May 16

i had the same brownish spotting last week. i thought it was my period but my stomach is starting to show a bump. its been 17 days since i had done it. could i be pregnant? i thought i had my period - that was about 40 days after my last. can my stomach start showing at 17 days after having s_x?


to worried - May 16

you normally would not start showing that early . but that does not mean you could not be pregnant. how long has it actually been since the first day of your last period? are late and do you have any other pregnancy symptoms?


kat - May 16

I still am convinced that i am pregnant. i am so naseaus all the time and my bbs are slightly sore but so itchy. my bloating i do believe might be me showing even thought i would probably only be about 10 weeks or so. they say that you start showing earlier with every pregnancy after your first and i have had three. the only reason i doubt that i might be pregnant at all is that i had a tubal ligation after my third child was born . BIG MISTAKE for me anyway, I wish i had never done that . now that i feel like i am pregnant i wish that i would be.i guess i can only hope. thanks for listening.


bump - May 16

bump it on up


worried - May 16

thank you for replying. its been like 57 days since my last period. but i had that spottings 11 days ago and that lasted a few days. could that have been my period, and could i still be pregnant even if i'd had my period (brown spottings)?


to worried - May 16

yes, you could definitely be pregnant. if i were you i would take a pregnancy test either at home or at the doctor's office. good luck to you and i hope it turns out how you want it to.


to worried - May 16

I forgot to also say that what you explained about the brown spotting sounds more like implantation bleeding then a period. again good luck.


Heather - May 17

I am going to a relative for mayan fertility ma__sages lately and when I got a period last month she told me to not worry because I could easily still be pregnant. She informed that some women have several periods during pregnancy while others have them the whole time, and others don't have them at all. I am three days late for my period this month and am about to take a test. My advice would be to wait a few days and test again, try the Equate brand at Walmart that is very sensitive or E.P.T. Good luck!



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