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Elsie3 - October 1

My fiance and I have been trying to concieve and I have been wishful. The last time I had my period was Sept 2nd. I took a pregnacy test yesterday and it came back negative. My br___t seem big and my nipples are soft and they look wierd but the are not tender. I am having cramps and sometimes I am late but something tells me that I might be pregnant. Could it be possible that I could be two weeks pregnant and the test isn't showing it yet. Should I try again tomorrow or by the end of the week. I am nervous because I think that I could be getting my hopes too high.


kay101 - October 1

How long are your periods? If you are pregnant, you would actually be considered 4 weeks pregnant, because they begin counting from the first day of your last cycle. The unfortunate thing is pregnancy symptoms very closely mimic pms symptoms. Are the cramps like period cramps, or are they more like little twinges really low in your uterus? Depending on when your period is due, when you ovulated, and the sensitivity of the test, it's possible you just tested too early. I got a negative, then tested 2 days later and it was positive. Pregnancy tests detect levels of hcg in your urine, which typically double every 48 hours when you are pregnant.


Elsie3 - October 1

Thank You for responding, well my periods range from 28-30 days. The last time I got my period was 30 days ago. I get cramps and I have been peeing alot. It feels like pms cramps and I also get teinges. I will try tomorrow morning.


cmcbabydust - October 3

I have did a pregnancy test on 1st ocober result positive period not due until 7th oct this will be my third pregnancy as i have had two previous misscarriages. has shows one day none hte next since sunday. Blood test came back as 23 and anything greater than 5 is positive pregnancy. had more blood taken today and hopefully results will go up again and then i will be refered to early preg unit due to past history. have been told to rest and i am just praying that all will be well ive just got to take it easy and be patient. I did have ovulation pains like a dragging sensation but not really like a period pain more of a dull ache. I know everyone is different and we as women wanting to b ein control but in pregnancy the little baby is the one in control. I know you are doing exactly the same thin as me but you need to go to the doctors and ask them to do a blood test are they detect the level of HGG hormone in your body and then you will really know one way or the other. At the end of the day we do know our bodies try not to worry and get a bllod test done ASAP let me know how you get on xxxxxxxxxxxx I dont believe it is true for me due to past andjust want this second blood test to show a constant rise in HGG hormone levels



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