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tiggerlb - March 20

I had a miscarrage 3 week ago and i took another preg test 1 week later to make sure the preg was gone and not still there to cause problems it was a neg result. And now just yesterday i took another and it was a faint positive. So could i be pregnant again or is it still from being preg 3 week ago when i miscarried


kimberly - March 25

It can take up to a month for the hcg to be gone from your miscarriage. It is possible it is a new pregnancy but most likely it is from your miscarriage. So sorry to hear about your loss!


tiggerlb - March 27

thank you for your advice it is much appreciated. I had a dnc for my miscarrage how long will it be before my period returns?


kimberly - March 27

It is different for everyone, most will get it in a month but sometimes it will take a few months to get back on track. My friend miscarried and she got hers back at 6 weeks and concieved her son 2 months later. Hes 2 now.


Roma - March 30

Hi, were trying for baby no2. I have a few health probs and pregnancy would be high risk but it is something wev thought long and hard about! We started trying last july and I fell pregnant quite quickly but unfortunately it ended in miscarriage at the start of Dec. My period came as normal in Jan and Feb (8th), we had s_x in the middle of my cycle and I am now 3wks late. I done a hpt on the 21stish which was neg. I am occasionaly feeling a bit nauseaus, have achy b___bs but sometimes wonder If I feel like this because I want a pregnancy so badly. If Im not pregnant wheres my period and if my period is becoming irregular how likely is it that I can fall pregnant again? Have been given advice that if we def want another baby then due to the liklihood of my health deteriorating to extent that it may be impossile to carry another baby we should try sooner rather than later. Sorry for epic post just worried and confused!!X


kimberly - April 1

Roma, I am so sorry about your loss and your health. You could be irregular from the miscarraige still, even though your last periods came on time. After a pregnancy, it can make your hormones out of whack for a while. Most women will test positive after they miss thier period, rarely they won't. So if you are really thinking it could be pregnancy have a blood test done. If your cycles stay irregular it don't mean you can't concieve but it could make it harder to pin point ovulation. I have long irregular cycles and I have 3 kids so it can happen even with weird cycles. You will just have to pay close attention to ovulation signs.


Roma - April 6

Hi thank you for your advice,are you a midwife? If not you should be! Due to my health Iv to go to my obstetrician (who deals with complicated pregnancys) every few months to check on my health for pregnancy and she took bloods. I had a small bleed after s_x few nights ago, then a little brown spotting which I thought was maybe start of period but it disappeared almost immediately. At least I know bloods will show pregnancy, I doubt I am pregnant so just need hope my body gets back to normal soon, It's encouraging to know it can happen though even with weird cycles!thanks again



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