Pregnant But Negative Pregnancy Test

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Brianna - August 27

Hi yall. I was just curious if anyone at any point of their pregnancy took various pregnancy test and they all came out negative until they took a blood test? See I kow that I am 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant. The thing is I've tooken 3 HPT's and they all came out negative. I have all the symptoms and just have a "feeling." I guess it's my intuitive side. which I am always and forvever right about. I've never felt like this when I thought I was pregnant before. I did however 2 days ago get a faint line on a ClearBlue Early test but it was very, very faint. Then this morning I took a $1 test and it came out negative. I know in my heart and body that I'm pregnant though. What really gave it away to me is that I started having this whitish-clear discharge that was very mucousy and stretchy. Let me tell you, I never, ever have discharge not even before, during, or after my period. Or when I ovulate. This is just basically all white mucousy discharge that is kind of milky at times but always there. I've had it now for exactly 10 days and going still. I even showed it too my mom and she said that is exactly what hers looked like when she was pregnant. I'm so happy that i am but then again I really need to take a blood test. Please respond anyone who has a similar situation and resulted in a positive outcome in either a blood test or after several urine tests. THX!


Sarah Kirkwood - September 21

I suggest you get a blood test sooner rather than later, to give you an idea on my pregnancy I took 4 completely different HPT's and all were negative and the 4th was taken from the same sample of urine which I took took to my Doctor's to test who later gave me a positive result. The discharge they say is your body secreting discharge as your body is building up a plug in your uterus (I think) to prevent infection whilst pregnant, it is quite common. But if you are as you say around 9 weeks, get the blood test as soon as possible so you can make sure you are taking proper care of yourself. I am British and by now you should have had your first Midwife appointment. Anyway hope this message isn't to late, knowing the net you are pregnant and could have even had your baby by now. Best wishes


Rer - September 21

Hi Brianna, just said id share my story here, i have it posted before under a diff topic,but not to worry! I found out yesterday morning that i am 6 weeks pregnant. During the past 2 weeks i had taken 3 diff HPTs - all negative, and one urine test at doc last week, also neg. The last hpt i took was on sat morn, yet by mon morning at the doc it couldnt have been any more clearer?! I am now of the opinion that almost all HPTs are rubbish and i for one wont ever again buy one. complete waste of money! Also, about the discharge, i too had that with my first pregnancy, last year,and again now, but not a normal occurence for me,only in pregnancy. So yeah, so get that blood test, and let us know the results. All the best hun, take care x



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