Pregnant From Precum And Periods

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jonnetta - November 6

I 'm wondering what is the possiblity of a pregnacy? I had s_x unprotected numerous times but he only prenutted in me. I have had two periods since then but they were irregular.could I be pregnant and not kno!


T - November 29

Jonnetta - Everytime you have unprotected s_x, whether the guy prec_ms or fully ejaculates inside of you, you always risk the chance of pregnancy. Prec_m generally has a lower chance of pregnancy than full sperm but a lot of women have become pregnant from prec_m. It is possible to be pregnant and not now though you usually do experience some symptoms which you've never had before. By irregular, if you mean the periods were lighter than usual, spotting or were all over the place and lighter, then I would do a pregnancy test. Some women do still have a bleed which is similar to a period but lighter. If this is your case, then I would do a pregnancy test. Or just to clear your mind, so you know one way or the other, do a pregnancy test. After two months you should get a accurate result. If its negative your not pregnant. But I would talk to your doctor about the irregular periods. If the test is positive, contact your doctor for confirmation. Good luck!! :o)


kh - November 30

jonnetta, I had the same situation happen to me. I had 2 irregular peiods. The first one was 5 days late, which I am never late, and the second one was early. I have felt real weird since then, meaning cramps, nausea, major acne. I dont know if my mind is playing tricks on me or what. Everyone is different


Billie - December 28

yes you very well be pregnate it happend to me once and I now have a 4 year old


Ken - January 27

my gf and i had s_x 2 weeks ago (jan. 15) and i pulled out. i feel bad because i wasn't even aware of prec_m :( or else i would have never taken the condom off. anyways, her periods were always only every 21 days, but she was always on time. she took a pill called Seasonale for a year that limited her periods to every 3 months (4 a year). she went off it in december, and had a period jan. 5th. she was due yesterday (jan. 26th) but her period did not come, nor did it come today the 27th - the 1st "late day." we're getting concerned... is her body adjusting to being off the Seasonale and is trying to "get back on schedule" so to say? it's only the 1st late day after, but for a girl that's always on time we're worried. thanks everyone


Lauren - January 27

You never know. It is possible. You can get pregnant from pre c_m. If your periods were heavy, then the possibility is probably less likely, but some women do have periods when they are pregnant, however they are usually lighter than normal.


Kasey - March 6

There is a chance that you could be pregnant, even if you have had a period. I had a period until i was 4 months pregnant with both of my kids. I believe that you can get pregnant from the prec_m, because my husband would always pull out but i still ended up pregnant, so be careful and take a test.


aaron - March 24

me an my gf had protected s_x and i pulled out before i c_mmed...then about 5- 10 mins after that i put my p___s in again without a condom on but i only put it in and out about 4-5 times what are the chances that my gf is is around 2 weeks after all thois happened and she said she has been having headaches, tummy aches, shes been a little more tired than usual, and and she was peeing more than usual..what do you think..what are my chances?


jennS - April 23

I am in the same situation.My husband and I used the pullout method once (thinking it was safe) and now I think I am spotting, unless it is all in my head. It is heard to be possible to get pregnant from prec_m. I took one pregnancy test since my periods are usually heavy, turned out negative, but could be too early. My last child the preg test didn't some out positive until 10 days past my missed period. Good luck keep us posted.



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