Pregnant On Birth Contol When To Test

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LA - May 19

Hi everone im new here and i have a problem. I an on birth control and have been for over a year, but i was on antibotics 3 weeks ago and i know they cancel the pill. So we used a condom but it broke! Anyway got to the sugar pills in my pack of birth control but period didnt start just one day of pinkish discharge. My problem is i dont know when i can take a home pregnancy test. Does anyone else know please help me if you can.


tritty - May 19

LA- generally you can test as soon as the first day of your missed period. some tests even make it possible to test before your period. however, not everyone produces large amounts of hcg so it may not show this early. it's always worth a try. everyone on here says to buy cheap tests first (like from the dollar tree) and if you get a bfp then you can confirm it with a name brand test. good luck!


LA - May 19

Thanks for anwsering tritty. Im goint to bury a test today and take it in the morning. I didnt want to be pregnant right now but if i am i will be happy.


kate_ - May 19

LA- i am in the same situation. took a 10 day course of antibiotics, and now i'm having the same pink discharge you described. im due for my af this weekend, but i dont know if it will come. i have been having a tight crampy feeling in my stomach, backaches, queasiness, exhaustion, tender b___sts, and blue veins appearing on my b___sts. do you have any of these symptoms? i took a few tests, but theyve been negative. it might be too early though since i am due for af in the next couple of days.


LA - May 20

Kate - the only sympton i have is nacusous(sp?) and no period. I took a dollar tree test this morning it was negative. I dont know if it is to early to test since its only been three weeks since i had s_x or if it is really negative. I guess i will take another test next week. Im still takeing my birth control pills and wondering if i should stop takeing them and wait to see if im pregnant or not. Stupid condom!! This is so stressful!!


tritty - May 20

LA- the same thing is happening to me. i was on BC, took antibiotics, only had 3 days of light spotting. i started considering that i might be pregnant so i went of my BC right away and am waiting for my next period before i go back on again....the only problem is my next period isn't coming. i'm a week late!


LA - May 20

tritty- did you take a pregnancy test yet?


tritty - May 20

I did take a test, this morning and it was bfn. and.... about 3 weeks ago i had a blood test done at the doctor. once again, bfn. it's so strange because i want to believe the tests, afterall, that's proof BUT i still feel strange. i don't know if pregnancy is the answer but something just isn't right!


hara2326 - May 21

kate ive been having the same symptoms except the veins on the b___st no period but many neg tests.


kate_ - May 22

hara, how long have you been dealing with this? did you go to the doctor? i am thinking of making an appt. this week.


LA - May 22

Okay ladies i think im going to make an appointment at the doctor. Last night i had a small wet spot on my shirt and realized my b___st was leaking! If if not pregnant i quess i have some kind of hormone problem!!


tritty - May 22

LA- I think it's wise that you speak with your doctor especially if your b___bs start leaking :) Try not to freak yourself out about it too much, sometimes that just makes the situation worse. But please keep us posted!


LA - May 23

tritty i will let you know what happens. I have an appointment tomorrow so maybe i can find out what is going on.



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