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Ter - February 4

Hi, this is my first time on here. Never needed to talk online until now. So here goes. I am a little concerned. I had a miscarriage in December last year and thought I was pregnant again this month. Whilst ovulating last month we did the whole baby making thing and thought a week later I was pregnant. I am dizzy, peeing constantly, my stomach is swolen and feeling queezy. So 4 days before my period was due did 4 pregnancy tests all came back POS with the 2nd line being extremely faint but was there. My periods were due on Sunday, didn't get them so did another test and NEG and pos line appeared about 2 hours later. Today (3 days later) I have extremely red blood. Usually my cycle commences with a light brown colour. I have mild cramping but still feel queezy and peeing a lot. Could this be implantation or am I not pregnant? Just want to here peoples thoughts and experiences. I know I need to go to the Dr's. Thanks, Ter.........


mamaof two83 - February 5

hey with my 2nd child the line was very faint almost missed it so when i went to the docs i was like 2 weeks so good luck!


ket1919 - February 5

If your bleeding I would say that your chances are low for being pregnant. It doesn't matter about the color of your blood, blood color can change sometimes on periods. It won't always be the same color. You can't go by a pregnancy test two hours later, you can only go by it for a certain amount of time, once ten minutes go by the test isn't accurate anymore. You were probably seeing evaporation lines.


ket1919 - February 5

Sorry if what I said came off as rude, didn't mean for it to come off that way. Good luck with everything.


Ter - February 5

Hey no worries Ket, thank you for your input. Evaporation lines make sense. Well got bloods done yesterday so I will see outcome today. I strongly doubt I am pregnant (although I really think I was) definitely feels like a normal period. Oh well, there is always next month. Thanks



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