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chaldene - August 2

HI - I am a mother of two. My youngest 7 months and my eldest 4 years. My husband and I had a "oops" and I used plan B. My period started with in the same week but only lasted for a few days. After, we were intermit (the following week), my period started again for the second time. I did not think anything of it as this could be just a symptom of the morning after pill used the week prior. A month went by and no period - also in my mind a symptom of the pill. During this time me and my husband have been together but have used the "pull-out" method. I know this is not 100% safe, and since the "oops" have planed to go back on the pill (just waiting for the red robot to start). So now I have my pills ready and waiting, and its have been 10 weeks since I last saw the red robot. I took a preg. test 2 weeks ago and there was a faint pink band - only presented itself 30 min. late. I waited another week and have just recently taken another test, using early morning as indicated. I did need to use the toilet at 1 in the morning and then again at 4 am (when I took test). This test was negative... I have not had a lot of symptoms except for constipation, temper short and maybe going to the toilet (especially at night) more often then normal. It may sound silly as I already have had two pregnancies but trust me you forget! I have been reading up on the internet on every thing that could be wrong. I am 25 and if our family is to be blessed with no.3 then I will welcome he/she with an open heart. OK so the big question is could I be expecting a new member? If not what else can be wrong?


blbaker74 - August 10

With my last pregnancy I didnt test positive right away, in fact it was in week 9 that I finally got a VERY faint line on my home ept, but I WAS pregnant. a__sume you are, and see a doc! Congratulations! We have been trying since our son was stillborn 12 months ago, and I am late for the first time, still getting neg tests results, but I know that is common, all my standard symptoms are there, and even stronger (wondering if the fertility stuff might have made twins!) but I am only in end of week 5 so we will have to see. In the meantime, I am hoping and praying hard that this is it! Hope everything works out for both of us!


chaldene - August 20

Hi! Thanks so much for the reply. Have you herd anything - are you expecting. I went for a check up and again a negative result. I am now 11 weeks late and still no red robot. Doc. says that if i still dont see any thing but this months end i have to have a blood test.... So now i wait... I just want to know. The signs have not got any stronger, but as they say ever pregnacy is different. HO forgot, today while siting at my table in the office on my bum i got so light headed almost pa__sed out, and then just to mention was as sick as a dog on Friday - head ache and had to visit the bathroom (if u know what i mean). This wait is going to drive me craze. Let me know whats happen with you, hope you have some wonderful new.



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