Pregnant So Soon After Miscarriage Or Just Hormones

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Katie - September 23

I had a miscarriage in July at eight and a half weeks. We decided to start trying straight after the bleeding had stopped. I have just done a pregnany test but am unsure about the results. The test has a pink spot to say it has worked and a very faint pink spot in the "yes you are pregnant box". Is it possible that i still have hcg hormones from my previous pregnancy or that i am possibly pregant again?


katie2 - September 23

i think it is eight weeks before you get a correct result. it takes a little while for things to go back to normal.


KRISTEN - September 24

i just took a pregnancy test too. it has been 6 weeks since my miscar. and d&c. i took a test after 5 weeks it was neg. but at 6 weeks it was pos. so the dr. told me to come back to see him in 4 weeks. so hopefully everything will be great this time. hope you have everything go great for you! i"ll be thinking of you.


Katie - September 26

Thanks Kristen. Good luck to you to. My fingers and toes are crossed for you. Let me know how you get on.


kristen - October 3

hi its me again. just letting you know i am pregnant! but i spotted today. it was brown, not red, and it has stopped. the dr. said not to worry until it is red. but now my back has started to hurt. it did that with my last misscarriage. im hoping its nothing but im very worried.


Kt - October 4

Oh no Kristen. I have everything crossed for you, it could be nothing to worry about so keep calm. You have lots of aches and pains through pregnancy so try and keep positive. I'm thinking of you and wish you lots and lots of baby dust. Unfortunately I did a test yesterday and it was negative so it looks like my hormones were playing games with me! Keep me posted on how you are doing though and make sure you rest.


kristen - October 7

hi again. just wanted to say hang in there. it will happen. things have been good this week, since all that the other day. i have been drinking alot of water and my back stopped hurting, but still can't wait until the 19th to see the dr. take care!!!!!


KT - October 9

I'm really pleased things have settled down for you Kirsten and I'm sure everything will be fine on the 19th, you carry on drinking lots of water!. I'll be on holiday that week but let me know how you get on and i'll log on when i get back. I think we may have some good news to. I did another test (well over 6 weeks since D&C) and i had a BFP. The strongest lines yet. Going to wait one more week and do another test just to make sure. How exciting!!!


KT - October 11

Oh no. My nightmare has come true. Went to doctors this morning to have the pregnancy confirmed and I've started bleeding. He said to try and be positive and rest but how can you be.I'm set for another miscarriage. Going for a scan Thurs morning to get it confirmed. He worried me though as he said i may have a mole? Does anyone know about this? He seems to think it can be precancerous? Help I'm really scarred now!


Jen - October 11

KT, I hope all turns out well. I can't imagine going through that again so soon. I just went through my first preg and m/c. I'm pretty sure mine was due to low prog.


kristen - October 12

sorry to here you may have problems. it is so scary. i still worry my self. ill cross my fingers. and pray for you.


KT - October 13

Been for scan today. HCG levels and Progesterone are low looks like another miscarriage!


kristen - October 19

sorry to here that. it will happen soon. i went to the dr. today. everything is going great!! my altrasound says i am 8 weeks. and we saw the heartbeat. it was 189bbm. he says that was great. so i feel very relieved. hope to here good news soon from you!!!!


Jodi - October 21

I have a 3 1/2 yr old boy and I have had 2 miscarriages in the past 7 months. I am 26 yrs old and this is all so new and scary for me I just want another baby so bad but I can not possible go through a 3rd m/c I just had my 2nd m/c on Oct 6 (my dad's B-day) and i have never had any D&C's they said I shouldnt have to. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to get one even though the Dr's say no? I am gonna start taking folic acids right now to build my body up for a healthy pregnancy the next time. good luck to you all.


Katie - November 3

Hi Kristen i have a question for you. If you have a natural miscarriage how long will it take for the HCG levels to go down? Do they do down straight away. I'm in a right mess. As you know i suspected i may be pregnant before i went on holiday Oct 14th and was told i'd had a natural miscarriage. After the holiday the hospital tested me again and confirmed a negative test 23 Oct. A lot has happened over the last week, my Nan died and we've been making the arrangements and i had a nagging feeling telling me to test. Even though my fiancee and i have stayed away from each other and only had it once since the second miscarriage (we were carefulish) there is a faint positive line! I'm totally confused. I cant been pregnant again can i? And if i am i'll be so worried. We were going to wait a few months.


anjie702 - November 8

I had a miscarriage Oct 22nd and havent got me results yet from the test they took that day at the er. going to call tomorrow but also have a appt for a pregnancy test tomorrow at a clinic because i have been have pregnancy symptoms for 4 days now.ill post here if and when I get my results back and if I test.



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