Pregnant While On The Pill

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Marinda - December 1

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone experienced something similar to me? I am on the Pill but had all the symptoms of pregnancy for the past three weeks. I am nauseous, vomited once, hungry all the time, itchy nipples, weeing a lot, very tired, headaches, needle-like pain in my abdomen (never have this during a period), etc. But yesterday I started bleeding. I don't know if it is my period, that was due, but I just can't think that the Pill can mimic ALL of these symptoms so accurately. I just feel like I'm pregnant, this will be the second time, and know that I'm not the same as always. Usually the pain in my abdomen is just a dull ache, but the needle-like pain I have now I had when I was pregnant the first time. I don't understand what's going on. HPT came out negative, but I just know I can't be this wrong. It is not that I really want a baby because we decided not to have any more children. But we won't mind if I am pregnant. We will love him/her just the same. All I am saying is that it can't be all in the mind. I just know something is different. Please tell me if anyone had this before.


ASBV - December 13

I know exactly what u are talking about. I'm on the pill and I have had my periods exactly when they are suppose to come in the last 2 months(except they are extremely light). For the past 2 mths I have been nauseaus, my b___sts are very sore and they are getting bigger and I my belly seems to be getting bigger as well but all the tests come out negative. I have all the pregnancy symptoms and i feel pregnant and starting to look it to but tests are teling me different.


Marinda - December 14

Thanks for answering ASBV! I am so glad someone else is going through the same thing. I don't understand it, really. I did another test yesterday and it came out negative too. I still get needle-like cramps in my abdomen everyday. The other symptoms have subsided slightly, and now I am beginning to have my doubts too. But if I'm not pregnant, what is causing these cramps? It really hurts sometimes. I also get pain in my ribcage like when I was pregnant the first time. But I am only (if I am...) four weeks along so don't see my tummy growing or anything. Please let me know when you finally get resuslts ok?!


SUE - December 18



Marinda - December 20

Sue, isn't this what this forum is all about? Women who keep getting negative tests but are still pregnant. If you don't have anything positive to say, then DON'T SAY IT!!!


kb - August 16

As I understand it, the pill tricks your body into believing it is in a state of pregnancy so that a fertilized egg does not implant to the uterine wall. I'm not a doctor by any means, but I would guess that signs of pregnancy while on the pill would be normal. I would call the doctor though if you haven't already.


jess - September 27

i have same problem if anyone cna giv eme soem adivie email me:



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