Quantitive Blood Test

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Natalie - May 2

I read here a lot about quant_tive tests, that even if they show negative pregnansy can still occur. So please let me know, who had very low, and tell me a number, and was actually pregnant. Because I have 2, and I read that some girls had like .05 or 0.1, 0.2. Is this means that I might be pregnant, because it's actually a little bit higher? I know that it's should count in hundreds and thousands, but still.


Faith - May 2

I had a quatative blood test and my results was 0. negative. But she told me that most people who aren't pregnant still have a quantative like around 3. So I think they consider anything higher than 5. Hope that helps.


Kris - May 2

Natalie, are you getting another blood test done. My first one was 8, then three days later it was 42, then six days later 179. When were you expecting your period? If the egg just implanted, the cound would still be VERY low. The doc told me that you can't tell anything from just one test that's low, it's the comparison that matters. Should double every 2-3 days. Faith I think you are right about anything higher than 5 being considered positive.


Natalie - May 3

I had it done twice already within a week, it's didn't go any higher than 2. But I read here on the site, that some women don't develop hcg till very late in their pg, or not at all. So, maybe someone who had 2 before can tell me that been pg after all.


KASPYR - May 6

My daughter's LMP was Feb 27th. I am concerned she may be pregnant. The lab just called and said her HCG is 2 so it is negative. Can I trust this? Her b___st have definatly gotten a bit larger and she has been nauseous a few times. Please help.


Natalie - May 6

You can't trust nothing this days!!! Long time ago at least people didn't have all this fancy chemical reaction tests, and they trusted only their instincts and feelings. No period - pregnant. Best thing - maybe some traditional tests. like dandeleon or something. So, even if your daughter's HCG is 2 - you never know!!! It's still can happen, that she is pg, but maybe not produsing enough HCG, or maybe not produsing it at all. So Good luck in your journey. I've been in this rollercoaster already almoust 3 months. No doctors could give me answers yet. I am going to an u/s on May 12. Maybe that would help.



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