Question About Equate I Think Im Preggie

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Kimi - December 7

i took two tests, equate + -, one yesterday and one the day before. They both turned up pos. but really really faint yesterdays a little darker but i think that they showed up after 10 min. i didnt really keep track of time. oh how i hope this means yes!! Please let me know what you think and your own experiences with the test. Thanks! and ***BABYDUST*** to all in need!!


Kimi - December 7

also i forgot to mention that i bought a diff. test today, the eckerd brand one of the flat box ones and it was neg. thoe i am only like 11 dpo im not sure of that tests sensitivity.


Lisa - December 7

Hey, I used the answer brand and got a result 4 days before my period, 11 dpo is pretty early and not all people get bfp that early


Vera - December 7

Kimi, when is your period due? If you can hold off, wait until the day after your period is due, then you'll get a much more accurate result. I know how exciting it is when you're trying to get pregnant. With my youngest daughter (6 mths old) I must have gone through about 20 pregnancy tests. I should have just went and bought stocks in the companies!! But the problem was that I was testing WAY too early. As hard as it is to wait, it is always best to wait a couple more days. If you do want to test early, perhaps try the First Result test, it has the ability to detect pregnancy 4 days before your expected period... but my personal experience with this test, is as the others, I always get a more accurate result if I wait those couple of days. Good luck.


Lisa - December 7

i personaly do not recommend that brand i got 2 false positives two months ago and i have heard of others with the same problem. i would go get another test, a different brand, try equate i hear really good things about it and they are cheap (wal-mart) like 3 something for 1 and 6 something for 2!


Kimi - December 8

i posted above and i meant to : Lisa


Kimi - December 8

i tested again this morning with equate again and it was neg. help i am going CRAZY!!!


Amy - December 8

I got a positive with Equate after 10 minutes and I was not pregnant. However, I am pregnant now and I got a BFP with Equate in about 30 seconds. I would wait until the day of, or day after, your missed period and test with first morning urine for an accurate result. Good luck!


Vera - December 8

I agree with Amy. Having to wait for results for about 10 minutes is not exactly an accurate result. Try to hold off a few more days and try testing again. When is af due? Good luck!


Kimi - December 15

ok Af should be here by now but no sign. i thought i was getting it yesterday there was some pink in my undies and tp but later that night nothing, just creamy white again. plus, two days ago i took a clearblue didgital and "not pregnant" what it going on? any suddgestions?


Sue - December 15

patience is a virtue...but I got a positive in much the same way...peed on it, took a shower, ended up showering longer than intended...checked it after, slightly positive...wasn't sure what to have a baby girl!!! Good luck!!!


Kimi - December 19

still no sign of af and my nipples have been really sore and sensitive is this a sign?


Vera - December 19

It could very well be a good sign of pregnancy. Have you taken any other tests since your af was due? Go to that gave me a lot of info that I didn't know. Try not to be too discouraged. I know its so frustrating not knowing. Maybe, you can convince your doc to give you an ultrasound and then you'll know for sure. Check out that site, it really does give a lot of great info. I wish you the best Kimi!


Kimi - December 19

i know the site and am addicted! haha but i did take a test yesterday one of those generic + - tests and it was neg. but then what the hell is going on af is late and ive been really moody too which makes me think it is coming but it never shows.


Vera - December 20

Kimi I still say that you should try to get your doc to give you an ultrasound, that way you will know for sure. I have heard some wacked out stories about women getting neg hpts and turning up prego. I know that's not a common accurance, but you never know. Get that ultrasound, even if you have to beg him. I had to beg that stupid walk in clinic doc to give me a blood test when his urine test came back neg. and it turns out that I am preg. I am now almost 8 wks preg. You know your own body, you know when something is different... doctors may be doctors, but they do not know how your body feels to you. Good luck!


Kimi - December 20

vera, thank you so much for talking to me and all of your support. unfortunatly af came today i guess thoes signs were it coming or in my head. theres always next month. congrats!!!! and good luck to a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!!!!!


lori - December 20

Oh MY God the same thing happened to me that is why i am on this site.I had a negetive so i threw it away.Well the next day i looked at it and it was positive i did this 3 times and each time this happened.



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