Question About Pregnancy Test And Pelvic Exams

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Tee - February 2

I was wondering...are hpts and blood test very accurate? Also can they determine pregnancy by doing a pelvic exam? The reason I am asking is because I have had 3 hpts and 1 blood test and they were all negative.. but my last normal period was on the 5th of Nov.... Ive been waiting and waiting to see if my body would go thru any changes and it has.. but it can all be in my mind because I am more aware since my period hasnt come.. I went to the doctor because I wanted them to do a pelvic exam in order to see if they could see any changes in my uterus... but she didnt give me one she just took more blood and run more test... I dont want more test.. I want an internal exam so that can see that shit for themselves.. so they can tell me if Im pregnant or if Im miscarrying... I need to know something... Im really growing impatient and Im about just give up hope... Is there anyone who can give me a little advice?


S Lynne - February 2

Hi there! My last "normal" period was in November as well. I haven't had a blood test yet, but I went to the doctor this morning and (strangely) the doctor did a urine pregnancy test. It came back negative. However, the doctor did do a pelvic because of all of my symptoms of pregnancy. He discovered that my uterus WAS englarged, and I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to see what's going on. I'm a little suprised that they did not do a pelvic on you. They did one on me even though I've had two urine tests come back negative.


JamieS - February 2

HI, i am in the same boat as the two of u. My last period was Nov 9th and I have had two blood tests and many hps all neg...So i just thought i wasn't. I went in for a pelvic exam and the doctor told me that my uterus was enlarged. She said that there were only a couple of reasons it could be enlarged and being pregant is the most obvious. I have a ultrasound sched. for tue the 8th, i am nervous having to wait a week. Let me know how you two come out..Lynne lets us know about the ultrasound tommorow!! good luck


ayesha - February 5

can u get a pelvic exam and the doc not notice anything and still be pregnant? I am experiencing mood swings, cravings, abdominal cramps, sickness from looking at too much food, and a very, sensitive sense of smell


SugarPie - February 5

Tee: I've been in your shoes, which is the exact reason why I haven't gone to the doctor's yet. The incompetence is beyond baffling, isn't it?! I've begged an OBGYN in one of my last pregnancies (that ended in miscarriage) for help, and she didn't absolutely SH*T. It ended up in a miscarriage. You need to get another OBGYN, preferrably one with a midwife on staff. A lot of doctors that I've encountered (and I've seen around four or five in the past year) simply don't care. And only you know your body. Advocate for yourself!!! I know you're tired, but keep pressing on. I too haven't had a period since late November and I swear the only reason why I haven't seen a doctor is because I'm so afraid I'll go ballistic if I encounter another fool.


April - February 6

Tee I would suggest that you get another ultrsound as well I had a pelvic exam and my uterus was full of fluid and im 22 days late on my period with lots of symtoms and neg blood and urine test. I still dont knw if im pregnant. I think I am though


Please Help - February 8

Could I be pregnant if i am 16 years old.. i have not had s_x but my boyfriend rubbed his p___s on the outside/near my v____al opening. he did not ejaculate but my last normal period was November 2nd, and in late January i had a little bit of blood but not much, i went to the OB/GYNO and my mom was in there so i did not say anything about me being s_xually active, which i am NOT, because i have NOTTTT had s_x....i have taken 5 preg. tests and they came out negative, please help me, im very scared...


a fantroy - March 2

i went to the drs on thursday they told me i was pregnant because he did a internal exam and said that my urine test showed a faint postive when he did the exam he says yep your pregnant but let me do a blood test to check your hcg levels then he calls monday and says that i am not pregnant and he doesnt know why my uterus is growing i have to have an ultasound done next monday dont settle find out what is wrong if your doctor is not willing to listen to you then you need a new doctor only you know your body and i am pretty sure you notice changes in yourrrrrrrr body. please dont settle get a second opioin from someone else. i will keep you posted.


danny - April 7

I am in the same boat kinda last peroid was on march 5 it is now april 8...i am like clockwork...the only time i have ever been this late i was pregnant both times....but my second pregnancy would not register in urine only blood.....i went to the dr on the 6th and had a urine and blood test both were negative but had a pelvic and the dr stated i had a slightly enlarged uterus...which would mean early pregnancy....but when the called with the blood hcg result and it was negative i asked what to do next...the nurse said to call in 2 months if i had not had my period yet....what c___p is that 2 months...i am weird in the fact i can't stand not to have my period , it tells me my body is functioning fine....i am going to wait one more week and try another test and if it comes back negtative ...i am going to ask to have something done, i know my body and something is going on


jackie - April 22

that is the same thing with me. i took 5 home tests and they all came out positive, but when i went to the doctor they did a blood and urine exam and they were both negative. i am really freaking out. i dont know if i am pregnant or not but i do have symptoms i am nauseated, cramping, tired, back pains. no one tells me why i am getting positive results and the doctors were negative. if anyone knows any information , let me know


mindyinsc - May 9

Its pretty hard to tell if you are pregnant without a confirmed preg test. I feel sick sometimes if I'm late and have the same symptoms as pregnancy. Sometimes I could have sworn I was pregnant when I was not. I've had 5 babies and now am 42 years old and I am having pregnancy symptoms again...but the preg test was neg.(ladies first remember to stay calm, stress does do alot to your body.) I've went through 3 to 4 mths before with no peroids and the doctors have said, nothing was wrong...only stress. Hang in there and don't always think of the bad things that could be wrong(cause I know you do ;) ) See a doctor and take care of yourself but above all....stay calm and relax. God bless.



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