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maggiemooandyou - January 6

I'm 19 and have had a regular period for the past 11 years. I’ve encountered problems with ovarian cysts, but NEVER been late. I haven't been on BC for the past 2 years, and recently ended a relationship of 5 months. During this relationship we only used the "withdrawal" method. I'm on a 21 day cycle and my last period was 11/22/05 (it was very light only light pink discharge) which means I should have started around 12/13/05. Here it is 01/06/06 and I still have not started. I also have the "wet" feeling like i have started my period, but it's only alot of clear discharge. I am worried more about having something seriously wrong with my "tidbits" than being pregnant. A year and a half ago I was also told I had HPV(only the mild no symptom pre-cancerous strain) could this be related to my situation? This past week i thought i started my period, i went to look and it was only the extremely light pink discharge again and i expected that my "normal" heavy period would kick in by morning. WRONG! So another test was on the agenda and NOTHING...negative. I would have thought that for sure it would have shown up if i was. So now i'm just waiting for monday when i go to the gynocologist. Which is another story. I've stuck with the same doc for the past 11 years, and now i'm switching. How do i go about the FIRST VISIT??


to maggiemoo - January 6

I wish I had all the answers to tell you, but all you can really do is go to the appointment and tell the gyn what's going on, and what your history is. They may end up giving you a preg test just to be sure. It could be that you are preg and just testing too early, or there's not enough of the hormone in your system for the tests to detect it. And it could be something completely different ... but you have to talk to the doc first, they'll have a better idea of what could be happening. I've had many friends be late (up to 3-4 wks) for their period, and it turns out that its just from too much stress. Could that be the case for you? I wish you the best of luck though!



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