Reading Pg Test After 10 Minutes

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Jules - March 25

I miscarried last month and I should be getting my cycle in the few days. I am feeling a bit crampy. I took a pg test (as we're still ttc...I'm supposed to wait1 cycle before ttc...but oh well...) and the test was negative after 2 minutes. I pitched it in the trash and got a shower. When I got out (15 minutes later) there was a faint line. why do they say not to read a test after 10 minutes? Is it really inaccurate??


Kimi - March 27



Angela - March 27

Yes I would say it is accurate unless you took a really quick shower. Especially if it was a E.P.T. What kind did you take? Some are very notorious for leaving false positives when in actuality they are evaporation lines. But then after reading some stories on here it could very well be positive though...I had a slight positive E.P.T. test and figured it was positive because the line was colored not grey. Well the first blood test showed negative. I am still waiting for the results from Friday. From the way I have been feeling with my temp being up I would have bet last week I was PG. Guess time will tell. Are you temping? If so how are they looking? I suggest you wait another day or two and take another test. If you still suspect somthings up call the doc to try and figure out for sure what is going on. My next step is my appt with my OB on the 24th of April as we want #2 now :)


britneyhayden - March 27

Hey jules im experiencing the same thing i took a hpt at 11 dpo which is still early and at first it looked negative and was like okay and through it in the trash and went to bed i took it at night which i think does play a factor i do believe its best to use fmu but couldnt wait lol but when i woke up i checked again dont know why and there was a faint line there now. Thing is ppl on here say that you shouldnt could it because it could be a evap line but evap lines i THINK are white and grey if the line was like purple or had some color to it then i wouldnt just give up on it just yet but test again i am first thing in the morning they say first response is good at detecting it and so is clear blue easy digital how late are you?? Hope maybe i helped a lil but atleast your not alone lol good luck!!!


britneyhayden - March 27

Angela i think your posted same time as me lol let us know what the doc says i hope it is a bfp for you all were ttc our second also


Jules - March 27

Thanks everyone. I miscarried last month so I'm not sure when I'm supposed to get my next cycle. My guess is w/in 28 days as that is my normal cycle pattern. So, that being said, I should start today or tomorrow. I took another test this am and it was still neg. Then about 1 hour later, I had some spotting. Nothing major but still it's there. So, I guess my period is starting. I'm cramping really good today too. Oh well. We'll try again next month. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me! :)


Angela - March 27

I will let you know. I haven't had a period since like 2 months before I found out I was PG with my first. I quit nursing him like 2 months ago. I had ovulation pain and cramps to go along with light spotting for 1 days a month after it. That's why I am so suspicious about being PG. I definitely have a little buldge too. With my son I didn't find out till like 5- 6 weeks into it. My body is so crazy though. The oddesting thing is the metallic taste in my mouth. That and I had dries up after stopping nursing for one month and now I am producing milk again. Doc's a__sistant said it was normal, but I know I don't feel normal.



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