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Aimee - October 22

Hello. There is a good chance I might be pregnant and me and my boyfriend are talking about our options. I don't know if we are ready to be parents, and if I am pregnant I am afraid there is no way the baby could be healthy, as I just started college and have been partying hardcore almost every night for the past month. I've been searching the internet to try and find as much information as possible on RU486 but one thing I haven't found is many personal accounts of what it is actually like. I'm not looking for people to condemn me and tell me its wrong, so leave that out please. Thanks a lot for anyone who can help me out.


Janie - October 22

i dont know anything about what RU486 is but i just wanted to tell you that i have a son that is 4. when i was pregnant with him i didnt find out till almost eight weeks along my b/f (now husband) and i would party every night i suspected i was pregnant and i went to the doctor she said not pregnant so i continued to party got really sick on new years eve and 4 days later found out i was having a baby well anyways he was fine in fact hes smart and completely healthy no medical problems whatsoever and like i said i was almost 8 weeks pregnant. so if that is why you dont want the baby just know that yes it can cause problems but more than likely if you stop when you find out then it wont very early on drinking won t affect the baby as much as if you do it the whole pregnancy. me and my husband werent ready to be parents either we are 23 now we were only 18 then we have another son now who just turned one and suspect we may be having another im not judging just letting you know that it all works out and we wouldnt change it for the world.


Aimee - October 23

Thanks for you answer, it helped. I am now exactly 2 weeks late and took another HPT that was negative. I have a Drs apt Thursday and hopefully will find some answers by then. Thanks again


Janie - October 25

Im glad I could help I hope you found out something on thursday so youll know for sure


to aimee - October 25

still negative test sounds like you are not, hopefully. i have experience with what you are asking about and the best information you can get is from your doctor and/or planned parenthood. I did not have a bad experience physically, but emotionally i am regretting it every day. On the other hand my girlfriend had a terrible experience physically and emotionally, but she is ok with her decision now that it is behind her. So... everyone is different. If i were to do it again, i wouldn't, but I am much older now. Find out as much as you can and take a few days to REALLY think of what you are about to do.. wish you all the luck with your outcome!


Janie - October 28

Hi Aimee Just wondering if you found out anything today at the doctors appt. I hope you did find out something if nothing more than peace of mind good luck


Aimee - October 28

Yes I did- they gave me a urine test, blood test, and even a quick ultrasound because I requested it and it all was negative. I am verrrry grateful I don't have to face that decision anymore, I am also very lucky and will count my blessings and be smarter about my decisions in the future. Thanks to everyone who commented!


Aimee - October 28

Sorry correction thanks Janie I realize it was just you actually. Good luck with your son and finding out if you are pregnant or not :-)


Janie - October 28

Im so glad that you found out some answers good luck with school thank you for your comments also and the good luck wishes



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