Share In The Frustration Of BFN

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Tiggy - October 9

Hi Ladies. I am on CD 52 and getting BFN's. The last time I tested was 2 days ago and in the AM. I am frustrated, annoyed and wanting to throw tests against the wall and looking at the BFN's with such hatred and disbelief...hee hee. I feel that I've had bad PMS for the past 3 weeks and still no period. This is my third cycle off the pill and my cycles range about 35 days. I have been off the pill before and the longest cycle was 44 days and I knew it would be late because I ovulated quite late. I am tired, acne, slight queasiness, hungry, thirsty, cramping, lovely discharge and oddly sore br___ts ranging from shooting pains, to aches to warm tingling sensations and of course an overdue period. Anyone else going crazy?? :)


keerthy - October 10

i have no signs of my PMS symptoms this month lol! but still a BFN..... god save me ....


ShoppingForTwo - October 11

Hey Tiggy, GO GET A BLOOD TEST!! That's my advice. I was where you are at last month. I had ALL of those symptoms that you named PLUS throwing up every couple days and my af was 6 days late. I was so so so convinced that I was pregnant! I still had a teeny weeny bit of doubt, and that made me not take a test right away because I was terrified to see a BFN. Ok sooo after af was 7 days late and with allll those symptoms, my af showed! I was SHOCKED, crying, p__sed, dissapointed, sad, discouraged. . . . Then DENIAL lol. . . . I was like, this MUST be implantation bleeding. So when after 2 days it was suppper light I took a test BFN, more crying THEN more denial. (Denial is such a horrible word, I'd like to change it to HOPE) Well a couple of days after I took that test I convinced myself that since the embryo was barely implanting then that was the reason why the pregnancy couldn't be detected by a hpt YET. So a couple of days later, I took another test. And GUESS WHAT?! Positive!!!! Sike, I wish. It was a BFN!!!!!!!!!! My denial was over. I'm not pregnant. I don't believe symptoms anymore. With my daughter I didn't get symptoms until 9 or 10 weeks anyway. I know all pregnancies are different but I seriously doubt I will feel pregnant the week it happens. I want to be pregnant sooo bad I guess my mind was playing tricks on me. I STILL have freaking symptoms and I'm on cd 15 and bd'ing like crazy trying the catch that egg this month. Well good luck to you Tiggy, I hope my story didn't discourage you I'm just "sharing my frustrations" lol. I bet you are pregnant. Oohhh how I envy you. Hehe. Baby dust.


keerthy - October 11

hey tiggy, wats up today? i got BFN again today with clearblue digital....


Tiggy - October 11

Hi Ladies, I am going to see the Dr on Friday and see what the hell is going on. The blood test would tell once and for all and take all the guess work out of this. Sorry to hear about your BFN's too. I do know how you feel! keerthy how late are you? of luck and no worries about venting and babyjuice all around. I hope I am PG too!


keerthy - October 11

thank you tiggy.. i have decided to have fun....!!!!! am not worry too much about af now! lol


keerthy - October 11

tiggy am 3 days late .. thats all LOL!



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