Share Your Of Days For Your First Positive Test

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V - February 13

Alot of us get negative tests when we are actually pregnant. Please briefly tell us on what day you finially got that positive hpt AND if you carried the baby into the 2nd trimester safely. This will be very reassuring!


kaitlin - February 15

i would like the answer to that too...


Kimi - February 16

Me too


b1 - February 16



KIM - February 16

With my first first child Libby and the baby i took the first test to early and then waited for three days to take the second test. with libby i new when my period was only a few days late so i would wait three days after the start of you period to take a test. this one i am not sure because i was on birht control so i am not even sure when its due


nadia - February 16

i took a test 1 day after period..neg. didn't start my 6 days late i got a pos.


Erin - February 17

My period was due on 1/29........ I took a test taht day and it was ng. I took another test on 1/31 and got a positive. I am still early so plaes keep your fingers crossed for a health and safe first trimester!


jiji - February 22



Mary - February 23

1st time - faint positive 4 days late, Faint positive all the way to week 9 when I had a miscarriage 2nd time - positive 3 days before expected period - 4 weeks preggo now and everything seems fine.


annonymous - February 24

i didnt get a positive, untill about 5 1/2 weeks past my period ... i only took it twice though, once after i missed my period, it was negative, and i believed it! i just thought i didnt ovulate. i mean i thought i skipped my period that month! and then a week and a half later, i decited to take one test, only one ... i wasnt going to get obsessed with it.(i was feeling light pregnancy symptoms) and then ... it showed up! a faint positive. i guess i was naive, because i believed it! i didnt take any other tests ... and my little girl is now 20 months old! shes healthy, witty, and sa__sy ... oh, but i love her so much ... what a joy this story though, has been a little more stressful ... i have been taking tests since probobly 5 days before my expected period ... i even bled, but i just knew i was pregnant! every other day or three days, i tested untill now. all clearly negative no matter how hard i looked, nothing was there. untill yesterday. i got the faint positive i have been looking for. faint, but clearly visible. i made my parents, sisters and husband look to confirm. but i have read so many horrifying stories, so i am some what nervous about it ... but i know everything will be fine becuase it was fine in my last pregnancy and the one before it. but my message to all is, dont give up! especially when you have that instinct your pregnant. and dont mess your minds up by reading too many horrifying stories! if your pregnant, just let your fears go! God will do the rest ...what ever is meant to be ... its called faith, you know?


anonymous - February 24

i forgot to mention how far along i am now, 5 1/2 weeks ... it took the same amount of time to get a possitive as it did last time ... it just took more pregnancy tests this time ...


Ty - February 26

My last AF was in early November. I just got a positive Monday at 13 weeks. So it took me about 3 months to finally get a positive.


beth - February 27

I got my first positive at 8 dpo. I used First Response. I am currently 10 weeks and going strong!!


Kim - February 28

I got my first + about 2 days before I expected my period and have gotten 2 more +'s since. I used Clearblue Easy. I am currently entering my 6th week and hoping and praying for the best! This will be my first baby!


Kim - February 28

I wanted to clarify my last post. I used Clearblue Easy Digital and got a Pregnant reading 3 times. I have not heard good things about the +/- tests.


Elle - March 1

Hi - it took me 13 days after my period was due to have a positive test. I was obsessed and tested every day, every brand, different times of day, etc., all negative until that 13th day. I'm in my 8th week so hopefully I'll make it to the duration. Good luck to you!!


bump - March 8




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