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cassie - September 10

I think i might be pregnant, signs and everything, but no test has confirmed it. I am now about two weeks late. Anyways, last friday i had mild cramping like pms and a backache, that went away, but now i have sharp pains in the whole left side of my stomach and it is worse when i have to fart or go poop (sorry to be graphic). What is going on?:?????? it hurts really bad???? someone please help me because my doc hasn't called me back yet.


sue - September 9

u might want to go to the ER asap!!!


ca__sie - September 9

what do you think it could be??? i have not confimed a pregnancy yet? but think i might be


Stephanie - September 9

Ca__sie, this is Stephanie, I think I was talking with you a couple of days ago. Well I still haven't started and I was having pains in my left side yesterday too. I wouldn't really call the sharp pains, more like a pinching king of annoying discomfort. Anyway, when I got home from work yesterday I laid down for a while and it felt a little better, then this morning I finally had a bowel movement and the pains went away completely. Have you been constipated? I'm not saying that it is not anything more serious but possible just gas pains. Have you heard from the Dr. yet?


ca__sie - September 9

stephanie, yeah i think it is gas pains, i have been having a hard time with making bowel movements, and my stomach was very ga__sy a few days ago, but the doc called and wants me to do a blood test today and hten an ultrasound tomorrow, i want him to do a transv____al ultrasound because i think the blood test will be neg still because the early result tests are still neg. but i just don't feel right, like i am preg or have some huge hormone problems right now, how late are you?? I am now almost two weeks late and my b___sts have grown, along with the nipples getting more pointy, i am always hungry (when i'm not ga__sy) i have huge mood swings, i don't know what is going on??? what symptoms have you had??


Stephanie - September 9

Ca__sie, My LMP was 7/8. I have taken several HPT's & 2 blood tests over the past few weeks and all are coming up neg. I have an 8 year old son & never got pos urine test w/ him. I finally got pos. blood test w/ him when I was about 8-10 weeks along. I have had just about every symptom possible, tired, headaches, bloated, peeing alot, constipated, metal mouth (a few times) change in appet_te, nausea (no vomiting but had no morning sickness with my son either) my b___sts haven't been sore but have been sensitive and I have had a few drops from my nipples when pressure is applied to them, moody, & over the past couple of weeks my belly has become more & more firm. I am going to wait out the weekend & if I do not start I am going to call mr Dr. & request an ultrasound.


ca__sie - September 9

stephanie--i can't believe how so many tests can be wrong!! it just makes this process even more frustrating because a woman knows when something feels different with her body. i just wish doctors understood that!! i haven't been sick eitehr, dizzy with headaches in the morning, but not sick. the main thing is that my b___sts are growing, and so are the areolas, not darkening, but bigger. I know that something is different because never have i snapped at so many people before in my life and then felt perfectly happy or feel like crying the next minute. I just wish this test wil turn out pos so it confirms what I think i've been feeling. My LMP was july 28, so you have waited longer than i have. oh well, guess we'll see tomorrow what is going on if he does a transv____al ultrasound--or how soon can a regular ultrasound detect pregnancy???


Stephanie - September 9

Ca__sie, I have been ttc again for 2 1/2 years now. This past Oct. I had intra-uterine insemination done which was successful. The Dr. had scheduled the ultrasound for when I would have been 6.5 weeks but I miscarried just before my 6 week mark. He said that at 6.5 weeks we would be able to see the baby & the heartbeat with the trans v____al ultra sound, but I don't know about a regular one.


ca__sie - September 10

stephanie--well just got back my blood test, negative. and they did an ultrasound because of the sharp pains on my left side, i guess i had an ovarian cyst! but they didn't see a baby and it was a transv____al ultrasound, i am not losing hope though, something is going on. i am moody times 200, b___sts have gotten larger, veins more prominent, peeing more and in the night, hungry all the time, they didn't even answer my questions and said it could be due to the cyst. don't know what to believe right now. the only other possibility is if i got preg from last weekend or the other day when we had s_x. any advice on what i do now?? so confused :(


Stephanie - September 10

Hi Ca__sie, Sorry to hear the news. I have to wait until the 28th for my appt. The only thing I know to tell you is to call them back and make them do more tests. I was skipping periods every other month from July 2002 to March 2003 after coming off the pill in March 2002. But I was starting ontime every other month. When I finally went in to see the Dr. in March 2003 he did a bunch of blood tests & found out that my insulin levels were high and he said that was the cause of the missed periods (couldn't explain why it was only every other month though). He put me on Clomid & Gluchophage to regulate me & it worked but I did not conceive. He sent me to a specialist in Sept. last year. We did an IUI and I got preg but m/c at 6 weeks. I have been regular since the m/c & now like I said my LMP was 7/8 & all mt tests have been neg. When I finally get to see the Dr., I am going to ask for the ultrasound & if it doesn't show anything I am going to tell him that I want him to run every test possible until he figures out what is wrong with me. If he doesn't want to do it I am going to look for another Dr. that will. I wish there were more that I could tell you, just be persistent. LOL & good luck!


crystal - September 27

i had the same thing happen to me i had a sonogram and a blood test said not preg month later the pains got worst i had an ectopic preg and almost died because of internal bleeding so if u think ur preg and have real bad pains demand more test



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