Should I Bother Testing Again?

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helenann - November 7

I had unprotected sex the 6th ajd


helenann - November 7

K so not sure what hapenned there lol but I had unprotected sex the 6th and 7th. My period is regular, lasts 6 days with a heavy flow. Around the 18th i started having horrible cramps, low backache, started peeing more frequently at night. Just thought my period would be coming.  Then on the 23rd i started as brown and gradualy got red. But it only lasted for two days and then just spotting for two when I would wipe and got super dark brown by the end. (didn't even have to use a pad!) So I thought that was super strange. Took a test and it was negative. So I assumed there is no way I could be pregnant. But ever since that weird menstral cycle ended I'm still having lower back pain and cramping and right under my boobs my ribs sometimes hurt and under my ribs like something is pulling?. I have noticed also a increased discharge (white/clear no odor or itch) and starting the 4th I saw something that was really odd. There was a string of blood in the discharge and on the 5th there was drops of red and brown blood on my underwear. I have never spotted like that before. I am still peeing more frequently and have been super exhausted, bloating, face has been breaking out more, I have waves of nausea usually when waking up at night to use the restroom.

I took a Clearblue test yesterday and i saw the faintest faintest of a line like barley there. Idk if my eyes were just playing tricks on me or what but I could of sworn I saw a super faint line. I would be about 4 weeks after conception so wouldnt i be showing up positive already? :/

I went and got a First Response and First Response digital this time just to make sure. So I'm wondering when I should take it? Should I wait till this weekend again? 


ahidakar1 - November 8

Firstly, I think you are fine and your eyes were playing tricks on you coz you were freaked out BUT... how can you wait for the weekend - I would do it right away just to get the fear factor out of your head.


helenann - November 8

I'm still having tons of discharge and noticed something odd again today. I have noticeable viens on my chest area that I have never noticed before. I think I'll wait till this Sunday to re test. I heard from many women they didn't get a bfp till 6 weeks, I'd be 6 then on Sun!!! 

I'm just really nervous. 



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