Should I Try To Test Again

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angela - May 11

I was due for AF on May 10th, so I am now appx 1 day late. I took an hpt the morning of May 10 and it came up negative. Should I wait til tomorrow and try to test again? Or just go on about my business and see if af doesn't show up in a couple weeks? Thanks


kris - May 11

hi angela i am also one day late. i took a test this morning and it was -. I feel like i am preg. I am never late. What are your symptoms, if any?


Amy - May 11

I would give it a couple of more days and see if you get AF or not. Also remember to check the back of the hpt boxes of the tests youre taking to see how sensitive they are. You can buy ones that detect hcg at 25. Usually the generic/cheaper brands detect the soonest. And yes they do work...I took 2 different $1.00 brands and both gave me BFPs 12 dpo and I will be 10 weeks preggers tomorrow :)...Good luck ladies.


angela - May 12

kris--well I'm now 2 days late and still far I've just been nauseous off and on for about a week and a half or so, and I've been having little cramps off an on for the past 4 days or so...just dull cramps that come and go throughout the day. My nipples became sensitive to the touch about week ago, which never happens before af...usually my bbs get sore before af and they aren't...I've had creamy white cm since ovulation....I've started to have to pee more often, I used to go like 3 times a day and now I am going every 2 hours on the dot...other than that, no major symptoms. I keep going to the bathroom thinking af is going to start when I get these little cramps but so far nothing at all...I don't know what to think....I guess I'll just wait a couple more days and try to test again if af doesn't are you doing today, have you started af yet?


kris - May 12

hi angela, I feel exactly the same way that you described. To a tee. My husband and I had s_x 2 nights ago and there was a little bit of pink in discharge. Usually when that happens i start the next day. But didn't happen this time. It is so hard to be patient. My husband had a vas reversal in march. We have four children 9 and under. When I was preg for number 4 we decided that we were done. Well now that # 4 is 3 we decided that we would like a couple more. So you would think that i would have this whole process figured out!


angela - May 12

kris, did it take a while for you to test positive with your other kids? This will be our first, and I just went off the pill last month, so I don't know what to expect of my body yet!


kris - May 12

no I got a positive the day after i was supose to start. With our first child i went off the pill, and that next month i was preg. they are all different.



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