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Alicia Anderson - November 9

how can you tell if you are pregnant if the pregnancy test comes out negative?


KOA - November 9

do you have any symptoms, like swollen b___sts, peeing a lot nausea etc? You could go to the doctor and get a blood test or a sonogram


alejandra - November 12

hi!!! I also have the same problem, I just did a pregnancy test this afternoon and came out negative but I had a brownish discharge after 3 days I had s_x, and it turned pink, but I'm not having the pregnancy symthoms, my mom told me that I just need to wait because is too early to know if I'm pregnant,because I had s_x on oct the 13th, I think you should have the normal symthoms, for example: nausea, vomiting, swollen b___st, do you have any of this signs? I think you should wait a week so the hcg could be detected well on the pregnancy test.


dawn - December 2

what i want to know is how early do u get the symptoms. for exp. how early after conception do your b___st swell, vomitting occurs, etc.


felicia - July 18

i was wanting to know how can you tell if your pregnent. becaus i thought i was and i had my period but i been feeling really dizzy and getting headaches


pebblez - August 16

wat are the symptoms exactly, my b___bs been swelling for like 3 weeks, and my period is over a week late, but i,ve also been cramping for 3 weeks now off and on


Crazy - August 16

Do you hvae to have tender, sore b___st to be PG? I have other syptoms, but not that. and my LMP was june 12, 2004.


cinthia - August 18

by takeing a blood test


Amanda - August 19

Hey i am 3 weeks late and i still am getting negative hpt's and i am having symptoms like nausea, headaches, abdominal cramps and pains,bloated, backaches, hungry all the time, tired all day long, And Very noticable veins in my b___sts! I took a hpt this morning and of course it was negative! I am so confused!


grace - December 11

hi! I have a problem and i dont know how to find the answers... actually last October 22,05 i had a pregnancy test and it turns out negative and on October 31, i had my period and it takes for seven days so it last on November 6, and on Nov. 11, i had a blood again but it turns out like a spotted only for example, in the morning i have but on the afternoon its stopped then come back on the last for 5 days! Today is Dec.10 but still i havent got period, i dont know if im pregnant cause i never have a chance to see my doctor . i dont know if im really pregnant? help me pls...



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