Skipped 3 Months Negative Tests

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lovemyhubby - May 2

I stopped using the pill in January after about a year of being on it and I got my period January 19th. Me and my husband have been trying ever since and to this day, May 2nd, I haven't gotten my period, that's 3 MONTHS now. I mean that alone would tell me that I'm pregnant but I've taken a pregnancy test after each missed period, all negative. I have all the symptoms: sore br___t, clear/milky discharge, moody, FATIGUED, gaining weight. Everyone's always telling me I look so tired and I am. Could I be??? Could it just be me adjusting to being off the pill??? Has this happened to anyone? Please reply with your opinion, really appreciate it.


sara b - May 2

When I stopped the pill I had one really LOOOONNNGGGG AF. Guess it could work the other way too. See your ob/gyn and see about a blood test and an ultrasound. If your not pg they can give you provera to jumpstart your period and get you on track again. Best wishes.


lovemyhubby - May 3

Thanks for the input sara. I have actually been on and off the pill for about 3-4 years but when I stopped taking it in Jan it was after one year without stopping. That has happened to me before too though, but what worries me is my symptoms and the fact that I've never missed my period this long. I have also heardfrom friends that they didn't know they were pregnant until they were 4 or 5 months along because tests kept coming out negative even though they were pregnant. Has anyone else gone through this?


Zonkatje - May 9

Love, many of us are finding we have the same symptoms you do but are not testing positive for hcg. We have formed a discussion group if you would like to join us:


kellie - May 9

I would see your doctor. Maybe your body hasn't gotten back on track since taking the pill, they may be able to give you something to induce ovulation. It is not uncommon for your body to take a while to adjust. The last period you had, was it right after you stopped taking the pill? If it was, that was actually induced by the pill and not your body ovulating. I can sympathize, I just got of the pill in December after 8 years of taking it. I had a regular period after I took my last pill and then the last 4 months AF cycle has ranged from 20-30 days. I am now two weeks late, my last period was April 1. I took 5 tests all BFN. I am trying to not get wrapped up in all of this talk about negative pregnancy tests and actually being pregnant because I have done research and it is EXTREMELY rare. I think my body is just getting used to ovulating again and it may have skipped a month. Hope this helps.


lovemyhubby - May 10

Thanks kellie, I just want to be so bad, I know I shouldn't begetting my hopes up but I am. I'm just dreading the fact that I might not be. It just seems everyone around me is getting pregnant by accident but the one person who is trying can't. It kills me.


kellie - May 10

Go get a blood test, I did! I should get the results back today. I agree, it seems like the people who really want to get pregnant have a hard time, and yet there are tons of people getting pregnant everyday that don't want to be. Best of Luck to you, I hope you get your BFP!


trishnish - May 11

Hi I've been following this thread the last few days and i would just like to ask kellie if she has any news yet? Good luck to all of you


kellie - May 11

Not yet! I kept calling the doctor's office. so the nurse called and told me that they got the results this morning, but the doctor has to review them before they can give me an answer. This is torture, I am walking around with my cell phone in my hand!


trishnish - May 12

hi kellie sorry to be a pest but i was just wondering if you had any news yet?


kellie - May 12

Well, finally got the answer: BFN. The doctor is not sure what is going on, the test was taken at approx 20 dpo. I am really scared that the pill has messed me up, I have always had very regular periods.



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