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MAPS - November 1

I am a week late for my period. I took a first response pregnancy test today and the result window came up with two lines. It says if there are two lines it means you're pregnant... does it matter if the line that means you're pregnant is quite a bit darker than the other? Is the test ok? :\


china03 - November 1

congratulation you are pregnant and it dont matter if a line is darker go to the doctor to confirm it when was your last mentrual period


LC3 - November 13

I just went through this situation last week. I was due on the 2nd and I took 5 test. I tested with first response, EPT, and Quick vue all said that I was pregnant. I was excited and this past Saturday I spotted and Sunday I bleed. I went to the ER and they drew blood, my results stated that I was negative, not pregnant so as much as I would love to say congrats PLEASE got to your doc and have bloods drawn. I had my gyn appt today and they re-drew my bloods to make sure that the bloods were correct. I can't explain how 5 test are positive same as you two lines, one fainted and one dark. I really don't want you to go through what I am going through. Let me know how it goes!


MAPS - November 26

Hi LC3. Hmm sorry to hear about your situation. :( I haven't spotted or been bleeding or anything. I should be 9 weeks now. I've taken 4 HPTs and every single one the line saying pregnant was darker than the line that says the test works. On one of the HPTs the lines were both very thin (but dark colours and showed up within seconds) and I'm not sure about that one... but all of them were pos. I went to my doctor and they said if you get a pos test on HPT there is no need to do a blood test to check unless you think you're having problems like a miscarriage or something. I just got all of my first blood work done though (7 vials of blood taken! OW!) and don't have another appointment until Dec. 19th. Hope all is well with you! Bye for now.



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