Someone Please Respond So Confused

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confused - March 21

havent had my period since January, Took two home pregnancy tests(the same kind) and got a urin test from a local planned parenthood...all came out negative...theres no reason why my period shouldnt be here. No stress, nothing outta the ordinary. My periods are never late..let alone this late...Could I still be pregnant but the HPT wasnt able to detect it?


Trisha - March 22

I have not had one since Jan either, I dont know what it is, my tests are neg also... I just feel pregnant maybe its my weight im a plus size women


unknown - March 22

hey stop worrying about it if u make urself think u are or scared that u are then u will cause urself to stop ur perious find something to get ur mind off of it and dont think about it give it a few weeks and see what happens but dont stress remember that can cause u to stop ur period


Lynn - March 22

There are hundreds of reasons that you could miss a period, both mentally & physically. Go to the doc & have them look into this, not just the possiblilty of being pg, but other possible reason for missing a period too...


shannon - March 22

i have had the same prob. i have missed 4 periods in the last 6 months. however, i am not prego either. It IS CERTAINLY possible that the hpts are not detecting pregnancy, some women do not have enough hormones at this point of pregnancy for a HPT to detect. I would call the doctor and ask for a blood test, this is usually reliable. Good luck, and hopefully we will all become regular and figure this out!


Terriyanan - March 22

You probably is pregnant.I took two pregnancy test when i was two months pregnant and the test came out negative. I went to a different doctor and i found out i was 10 weeks pregnant.


nervous - July 21

I went off birth control in Feb. Since then, I have only gotten my period once. I dont think I can be pregnant...but its not out of the question. I heard it takes your body awhile to regulate after you stop the pill. Anyone know anything about this?



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