Started Period But Go A Faint Positive Hpt

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grace - October 16

Ok, I think I may be loosing it. I started to bleed on october the 11th, and I was sure that it was my period. The only thing that seemed odd, was there was not very much blood and the cramping stopped not very long after it started. I didn't even have to use more than 1 pad a day for about 4 days. Only two of those days were blood. What I am confused about is that I had taken a pregnancy test the morning of oct. 11 and it was neg. Then later in the evening, after I had started bleeding I took another one out of curiosity and I got a faint positive! A few days prior to my bleeding episode I had also got a few very faint positive pegnancy tests, but once I started to bleed I figured it was a chemical pregnancy. Does anyone think I could still be pregnant? Has anyone had a similar situation and ended up pregnant? Please share. Thanks. I am going to take another test tommorow to double check.


Doll - October 24

Grace...I feel your pain! I have the same problem I was 3 days late w/AF, took 2 hpt (very faint pink line on both) and today I got what I think is my period. It seems a little diluted. Am I pregnant?


Rowan - October 24

It could be implant bleeding. My friend got the same thing and then she found out she was pregnant. You two should go to the dr. and find out. Otherwise, you will just drive yourselves mad. Good luck!


Jenny - October 25

I was due for AF today and did not start. I have been getting many faint positives for the past 5 days. For five days I had spotting ranging from brown to red, but all was very light, mostly when I wiped and watery rather than mucus like. I totally believe that I am pregnant and that was implantation bleeding. I got my most clearly positive tests using urine from late morning or afternoon when it was more concentrated. My first morning is lighter in color than some of my daytime and those showed much clearer lines. It sounds like you could totally be prego.



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