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Denielle - October 19

I have been reading some of the questions and answers on this forum, and they have been VERY helpful. My last LMP was 8/17/05. I have now missed 2 periods. Around September 17th, I had VERY light spotting. I thought it may be my period... but it only lasted a few hours, then stopped. I already have one child. He is 5. I KNEW when I was pregnant with him. I just had this feeling... so I took a test, and it was negative. I took another, and it was negative. But I KNEW I was. So I continued taking them before one came out positive. Finally, after 8 weeks of being late... I got a positive. Well... I wasn't sure if I was/am pregnant this time... but now I have this feeling that these tests I've been taking are WRONG. That I AM pregnant. I don't know what to think. I've taken every brand, and none of them have been positive. I've had a faint line on the EPT test... but other than that... nothing. I am now over 8 weeks late... starting my 9th week. I KNOW I am pregnant. My br___ts are sore (they never were with my first child), I've been getting nauseaus... (never a problem with my first child), I am tired all the time and my back hurts all the time (didn't have that with my son until I was around 7 months). So I have a feeling I AM pregnant. I went and had a urine test done, which was negative. Then I had a blood test done, and they said the results were inconclusive. What does that mean? They couldn't tell me. So I have to reschedule another urine test to be done after I've missed my THIRD period. Then, if that's negative, they'll give me another blood test. This means I have to wait until November 8th before I can schedule another test. 20 more days. This waiting thing is killing me. I'll stay updated with everything. Please help!


T - October 19

I kinda know what you're going through, I've taken almost a dozen tests since my period was weird in August. So I figure I got pregnant in July if I am, I have all the syptoms, my newest one is this intense pinching like on both sides of my hips, it comes and goes, but it's really bad at night, I've been looking around and I'm a__suming that it's from my uterus growing and the ligaments and muscles have to stretch, but it really sucks, it just hurts and is very uncomfortable. I'm waiting for a positive result to go see a doctor because I'm a teen and don't want to tell my parents that I'm pregnant, especially if it turns out that I'm not, but it's getting to the point that I know I need to go, if I am pregnant then I need to take care of myself and the baby, especially since I'd be like 14 weeks by know. If I'm not, something else is wrong with me and I need to find out what it is.



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