Survey Of Pregnancy Tests For Women W BFP S

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Needing a good test - September 19

this is to all women who have tested positive. Can you please tell how many days past ovulation you were when you got a ++, and what test you used. thanks


JK - September 23

I was about 16 dpo and used a clear blue... I tried previously with first response but got negatives


Cindy - September 23

I was 11 dpo and used First Response - I think about four of them and all of them (on different days) had a VERY VERY light colored positive. Then I bought the Target brand (cheapie) and it was immediately positive at 12 dpo. I again tried the First response and got another VERY light positive. 13 dpo I used the EPT digital and it was PREGNANT. I also tried the First Response to check its coloring (and I had another test to spare) and it AGAIN was VERY LIGHT! This morning I had a blood test and it was positive. I'm 13 dpo. I tell ya - the Target one was accurate and FAST. VERY unsatisfied with First Response! Babydust!


interested - September 23

cindy- thats interesting, and good to know. First Response is expensive too! Now I know to go buy Target brand. thanks!!


val - September 23

I was 18 dpo, and used a walmart Equate brand test. It came up positive, very dark, immediately before I could even lay the test down. I went and bought another Equate test later that day(they are only like 4$) and I got the same result. I went and bought five Dollar Tree tests the next day(I still couldn't believe it) and took one a day for the next 5 days, and they all had the same result, positive really dark right in my experience these two tests work perfectly, as I had used them both in the past before I got pregnant and got clear negatives.


kris - September 23

I am so glad I came accross this topic. I am 12 days past ov and I have been using first response, today i got a very light 2nd line. I am 1 day late and i really think i am pg, i guess i will also buy the target brand! good luck all!


heather - September 23

I sure wish I would of looked at this before I went out and bought a 3 pack of first responce.. for 20 dollars well the 2 I have taken today were so 2 lite + but the + were so lite I barrly could see them.. what do you girls think..?? I'am 9 days late and taken 7 tests 3 very faint + (1 with ept 2 with first responce) the other tests were bfn 2 ,with dallor tree 1 family dallar 1 , 1 ept equate so I dont know? any answers I'd love it thanks


To Heather and Kris - September 23

girls I think you are pg! Follow up with a blood test! yay! congrats!


Suebecca - September 23

I just tested BFP tonight and I was 13 dpo. I used Accu Clear, which is maufactored by Inverness. It started turning pink around 2 minutes.... and by then it was a very clear line. I bought this at Eckerd and got 3 tests for 12 bucks.


Jenn - September 24

I was 18 DPO, I used a first response as well as 2 drug store generic brand tests and all 3 came up positive before a minute was up...we are extatic!!


question? - September 24

for the women who got BFP's at 16 and18 dpo....was that the first time you tested in that cycle, or had you tested earlier, and gotten BFN? also, do you know what minimum HCG level your test read??


Jenn - September 24

when i tested at 18 DPO that was the first time we had tested in that cycle and not before that at all.


Lindsie - September 26

8 days after ovulation and positive result with First Responce.. Took three all positive.. Took Clue Blue Digital on day 9 and negative. I think First is the best bet. You can go to Target and get two test for 8.42. Thats really good.


heather - September 27

well girls I did buy the first respone and got 3 vfp.. I thought it was a flook but I tested yesterday with a cheep western family test and got a dark bfp.. so the cheeper the better.. all pregnancy tests are very cheep to make.. the manufaturer just has an extrem mark up so they can make a ton of money.. go to pee on a they show you that tests and which ones are good.. go cheep I spent way to much money on tests ..then the cheepy told me right away..good luck hope this helps


Julie - September 27

At 8dpo I got faint positives with the Walmart brand, and the internet test strips from At 10 dpo I got a BFP with the Clear Blue Easy DIgital Test....a POSITIVE reading. I took a first response about 6 times from 8 dpo to 13dpo, and it didn't turn positive (VERY faint at that) until 10dpo. I was surprised to get a positive with the digital so soon. I had a blood test done the same day, and my HCG was only at 14. So, it was pretty reliable. I like that one and the walmart one the best.



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