Teen Pregnancy

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EIMGW - April 4

I am 13 years old. I just found out that I'm pregnant. My parents know but I don't know how to tell my ex- boyfriend. What should I do? should I tell him or no?


EIMGW - April 4

yes you should tell him, he has a right to know your baby is his too. i know how hard it is but you really need to tell him. Good Luck!


stephanie - April 4

what do you wish to do. are you aborting?adopting out?keeping the baby? i do think you should tell him most definetly. you both had s_x, and you should both come to an agreement you can both live with.


keekee - April 5

you are so young buti know extacly how u feel its scary but you had enough courage to tell ur parents i think you should tell your boyfriend . but you are to young to start ur own family i suggest aborition


Nurse - April 18

yes u should tell him i had Chelsea when i was only 14 im 18 now. my baby's dad dont know about her. I made the wrong choice. dont do the same to your baby. I know how hard it is.


Melissa - April 18

Even though you are young you are still going to have to act like an adult. Ask your parents to come with you and possibly talk with him and his parents as well. If he says he wants a paternity test, don't get mad a lot of kids are just scared and don't know what to do, and if you get mad you will stress yourself out and that is not good for you or your baby especially at your age. Don't expect too much from him but don't let him off of the hook either!! He is the father of your child and you did an adult act so now you have the adult responsibilites to go with it. Just remember take your parents with you they are going to be you main support during all of this no matter what


oops - April 18

well now that your pregnant,you got to be responsible,if your gonna play you got to pay,its not easy and having a baby is the most pain you could every be in,ohhh and stretch marks,just bad,if you dont tell him ,the guilt will eat away at ya,oh how do you plan on takinking care of your baby,i made the same mistake,and the right thing to do was give up the baby,i hope you dont expect your mommy to take care of the baby,any ways gooood luckeimgw


Nicola - April 19

Hi there! I got pregnant at 14 so I know exeactly how you feel. First of all I want to tell you that you are really brave letting your parents know, but my opinion is you need to be braver and let your ex boyfriend know particularly if you keep the baby. Good luck with whatever choices you make in your life now just make sure you make the right ones for you! x x x


chris - April 21

yes he is in this just as much as you were and i believe he should know and take care of the child to many guys run from their children these days tell him and make him help you


Cara - April 23

Hey, I know what your going through I got pregnant at 16 and I now have a beautiful 11mo old son! You should tell him and see how things go. Also there is support out there for you. Check out http://www.youngmommies.com/ymboards/index.php its all for teen moms and there are moms your age on there and its all about getting the support we need to make the right choices and be successful parents. good luck, it is doable dont give up!


Britney - April 29

You should tell him because you shouldn't be able to raise a child by yourself. have the father know that he has a child on the way.You did not climb on top of yourself to get pregnant so tell him and let him have some responsibilities,too.


Kayla - April 29

You should definitly tell him, if he was man enough to have s_x with you then he is man enough to help you. Please don't abort though, it's not the baby's fault you made a mistake, besides no one is perfect. Good luck and best wishes.


Maranda S. - April 29

EIMGW, don't think it's the end of the world (even though it feels like it now). I too was a teen mother, and my boyfriend broke up with me because he didn't want to take a "blimp" to prom. Wasn't he special? I too felt worried about how I should confront my parents. I was 17 getting ready to graduate, I was enrolled into a really good University I was going to be the first person in my family to go to college. (I was about to let them down.). Trust me, it is not easy to tell your parents at ANY age that you are about to have a child, but I have learned that if you are up front and honest with them, they will be there for you. After all who would turn their backs on their future grandchild? As for your ex that should be the easiest part, make sure you are alone, and calmly explain your situation to him. Remember it takes 2 to Tango.


Ashley - May 13

i had s_x without a condom and I missed my period i went to the doctor and he said that i am pregnant and i didnt tell my mother or father so i ran away to my friend's house and i am 6 months pregnant



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