Terrified Every Time I Use The Bathroom

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ShoppingForTwo - September 20

Hello everyone. I want to be pregnant so bad that everytime I wipe I pray that I don't see blood. My past af was August 22nd and my husband and I have been bd'ing regularly ever since then. I should take a pregnancy test but it might be too early and I'm too chicken anyway! Anyone else here with me? Please please please, I hope there's someone one here I can relate to.


ttc#1 - September 20

Well, my past af was Aug 18 and I got my first faint BFP on Friday, Sept 14. My cycle is usually 28 days. I o'd on cd 17. Do you know when you o'd? That would help, but I'm sure a early preg. test would show by now. Hope this helps. Baby dust to you!


kay101 - September 20

I was the same way even though I got my bfp early. I still pray I don't see blood everytime I wipe though, so if you're hoping that feeling will go away it won't! How long are your cycles and when is af due?


ShoppingForTwo - September 21

Thanks you two for replying. How long are my cycles??? OK THAT'S WHERE MY PROBLEMS START! Maybe you guys can help me figure that out. I was on birthcontrol (nuvaring) June '06 - early Dec. '06 during those months my period was every 28 days excatly. I got pregnant late Dec. But had an incompetent cervix and loss my baby girl at excalty 6 months on June 14th and bleed off and on until around July 7th and then my period started again on July 17th and then another one August 22nd. Soooo. . . That's why I'm so confused about when I O and how many days are in my cycle. Gosshhhh, I wish I knew! So what do you ladies think? So my husband and I have had s_x almost every other day since the day my period ended and I looked online at an ovulation calender and just put in my cycle was 28 days and had s_x morning and night on the dates it said to try. If my period doesn't come by the 27th then I'll consider myself preggie and make a doctors appointment! Mmmm. . . Kay101 I know what you mean about the being pregnant and still praying before you wipe. I felt that way with my first pregnancy and I know I will be like that once I'm actually pregnant again but I will feel like I crossed one bridge and worry about the next problem when I get there. WOW ttc#1 you got pregnant FAST! I hope I am that lucky. How far along are you ladies? Ok talk to you guys soon hopefully.


annmarie - September 21

OMG Shoppingfortwo, I'm sooooooo sorry for your loss! I can't imagine the pain. If you can make it through that you can make it through anything! I've been off the pill for 6 months now and really ttc for 3 months. Each month I pray for nothing each time I wipe. So far I haven't been so lucky. I should be Oing this weekend sometime but DH is out of town till Sunday for a work conference. We did BD just before he left Thursday afternoon and will again as soon as he gets home Sunday. It could be a real interesting month! I'm sending loads of baby dust to all of you!


kay101 - September 21

Hmm that is tough. Were your cycles before usually around 35 days? You almost always ovulate 14 days before the start of your next period, but that isn't all that helpful if your cycles are irregular. The best thing I could reccomend is using an ovulation predictor kit. This was out first month trying and I used one, and we got it right :) It will tell you when your LH levels surge, which happen right before ovulation, that way you can bd from the time the kits are positive to make sure you have little swimmers traveling en route during your fertile window.


annmarie - September 21

I've been using OPK's for a few months now and still a bit confused by them. Is it that you don't O for 12-24 hours after you get a positive?


kay101 - September 21

Haha I was confused a bit by mine too! I had positives for 5 days, but was told it might have picked my LH surge on it's way up, and then on it's way back down. I've heard 12-36 and 24-48 hours from the time you get a positive. We just bd'd the whole time it was positive. Didn't think we could go wrong that way. I wasn't able to pinpoint the day I ovulated, which drove me nuts because I tested early, but it was a really good guideline on when to bd while I was atleast fertile.


ShoppingForTwo - September 22

Hey ladies, thanks Annmarie, and good luck this month! Kay101, my cycles on birth control were every 28 days but before that I can't really remember but I know they were very regular I'm sure they were 28 days. Mmm, if my af is 28 days NOW then it should have started yesterday :) I'm hoping its 28 days! I'm still going to give it another week before I get excited. I know I really should get an O' predictor but I don't wanna get too caught up in this (more than I already am) most off all its ok for me to be obbsessed but I don't want to rub it off on my hubbie because he won't be happy about that if he starts thinking of s_x as a chore or duty. He has stressed that he doesn't want me stressed and doesn't want me living breathing and eating ttc. He is a firm believer that making love everyday whenever you want to will do the trick. We will see. Everyone keeps your fingers crossed and I will be praying for us to concieve (me and annmarie) and that we all have healthy full term babies next year. I've already looked it up and if I am in fact preggie then my due date is May 28th!


azcountrygrl - September 22

Boy I thought I was the only one that prayed every time I went to the bathroom I was talkingto a friend just the other day and she was saying to just go test and every time I walk up to tests in the store I panic because I want to be pregnant so bad Idon't want to know the answer if it is neg.. I will keep you in my prayers and hope the best for you and me let me know how it all turns out :-)


ShoppingForTwo - September 23

Hey Countrygirl! Thank you so very much for your prayers and I'll keep you in mine as well. So what's your story? How long have you been ttc? I've posted the jist of my story on here. Ok well keep me posted as well. I'm so excited to be talking with someone who is in the same excat situaion as me. My af is offically LATE yyaaaa!!


azcountrygrl - September 24

Well, I have been off the pill now for 3 months I have been having signs of pregnancy for about 3 weeks now I had very little spotting for 2 days and I am always a 4 to 5 dayer......I have pushed myself to do a HPT and it came back neg but for the past 3 wks I have been feeling "not me" ihave one more test and I am going to wait another week and than I am going to test again....the only thing is that when I was pregnant with my daughter I never did get a positive HPT but I also never had ms with her either or any of things things I am exp. now so I really think I am and I pray every night that I am......I have gone to that one fertility charting wp and have been charting and I was fertile this weekend and ovulating yest. and my husband bd twice yest. so I am praying every night that this one takes.......shoppingfortwo I hope and wish you the very best please keep me informed :-) I hope all of our prayer are heard and we all have babies soon....


ShoppingForTwo - September 26

Hey ladies. My stupid stupid af showed its ugly self today! I'm going through so many emotions right now, sad, angry well that's about it. I was so convinced that I was pregnant! My stupid stupid body was playing tricks on me. I never hated being me until today. My stupid stupid cervix couldnt keep itself shut when I was pregnant and my body can't even get pregnant when I want it too. I was so naive, ignorant, childish and overly confident to think that I could possibly get pregnant my first cycle trying without the help of ovulation predictors, temping, and all that good stuff. For God's sake who did I think I was? A young teenager sneaking out in the middle of the night to have s_x with my bf and gets pregnant her first time? Uummm no! Why is it when you want to get pregnant its so freaking hard! If I'm so angry and upset over not being sucessful my first cycle then I can only imagine how the women feel who have been unsucessfully trying for months, years even! Why is life so hard! If I never lost my daughter then I wouldn't be going through this! I'm so p__sed! My stupid stupid doctor should have freaking listened to me when I told her my mother and grandmother each had ALL their children at 7 or 8 months and that I was afriad of that happening to me. She could have at least montiored me more often or something, ANYTHING except ignore me the way she did! Now here I am miserable and depressed. (Maybe I will feel better tomorrow) How can I possibly go through this every month? The s_x part is easy but waiting for EACH AND EVERYDAY TO PASS? Hoping the sperm meets the egg, waiting for your period to come, testing to see if your pregnant or not testing in my case and just waiting and hoping and praying. I'm not built for this. I absolutely can't go through this, its wayyy too much emotionally. I wish I could be like my husband, he is so calm, cool and collected about this wholeprocess. His mindframe is it will happen naturally when God wants it too. He wants to be plesantly surprised when we get a positive pregnany test. He is the type to just wing it and I'm the type to push push push and try try try because I'm so determined. I WANT WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW! So this is the second month in a row that my af came 35 days apart. It used to be 28 days before I gave birth, I guess its changed.


kay101 - September 26

That's just the AF talking and sorry it started :( try a little chocolate and think about how fun the bd'ing is. We all drive ourselves absolutely nuts waiting and testing early and thinking you ear itching or your eye twitching is a 'sign'. The worst part for me was the waiting, and I was almost relieved when my af started because atleast the anxiety was over and I knew I could just go on ahead and move on to next month. I'm not too big on cervical position and mucus. My cm was thick, then lotiony, then watery, then lotiony, then thick again. I concieved, even though I never got egg white or stretchy cm. My cervix was extremely low and hard also. I do think the opk's really help with the timing. I wasn't sure the exact day I ovulated, but atleast I know we were bd'ing during the right time. I would try using that as a guide, and use them in the morning, because I've seen a lot of women miss their surge if they test in the afternoon like the directions say. We've got a ton of forums over on the signs of pregnancy board. Mine is moms2b club (on part 3 now) where you are more than welcome to come get some support, to vent, and to obsess with everyone else. It's really helpful knowing you aren't alone and it helps the time go by. *sending chocolate and baby dust your way*


ShoppingForTwo - September 26

I'm already eating choclate doughnuts and I feel a little better already. Lol. I'm just dissapointed I guess. I hate the waiting more than anything. I have to WAIT a whole month to see if I'm pregnant again! :( I wish it was a situation we were can find out at the end of each day lol and then we know right away and can try again the next day. When you really think about it we only have 12 times a year!! That's not enough!!! Ill be 50 before I know it! How long did it take you to conceive?


kay101 - September 26

It only took us two months, and I used the opk this past month so it really did the trick. I'm eating a hershey's symphony bar so you aren't alone :D I know waiting is a huge pain in the b___t, but do you feel even the tiniest bit relieved that now you finally know? I would just wish my af would come already ( I was 5 days late the first month) if I wasn't pregnant so I could atleast get started on trying again. Couple tips, make sure he's ontop so the penetration is deeper and closer to your cervix, and to help keep the little guys in, and try propping you hips up on a pillow for atleast a half hour. I know as soon as I stood up it felt like everything just dripped out, so I would try to lay in bed for a while mostly playing on here lol. True you have 12 times a year, but you only need one! I know it's hard, but you've just got to try and stay positive.


emtcutie1028 - September 29

aww man :-( im so sorry to hear you got AF. I got mine on thursday and im glad its my first one since I had Kory. I was worried for a while there. I wonder if my doc wil let me try next month instead of Nov. I REALLY REALLY want to try! Dont worry though... it will happen.... maybe your body is waiting for mine to catch up so we can have our babies at the same time!!! :-D **baby dust**



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