Test Negative Then Turned Positive

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KK - November 23

I have a question about my pregnancy test. I took an E.P.T plus/minus test and it came up negative when read at within the 3 minute time frame. I left it on the bathroom sink, and a few hours later it was positive. Now I've read that you shouldn't interpret the results after the designated time frame due to evaporation lines and chemical changes. But with the way this test works, it's confusing. Because when it's negative you have a vertical line in the test window and then a horizontal line in the result window. Well, that's exactly what I had at first and then another vertical blue line developed over the minus sign, making a plus sign. I don't see how that could happen. Any input would be appreciated.


Alana - November 23

That same thing happened to me with the same Test!! mine was a minus sign at first and then it developed another line vertically creating a plus sign about an hour later. Someone told me it could be an evaporation line, but it was blue, the same color as the test line, not grey or colorless. But I retested after a week and it was a quick positive. And I am pregnant now. So I would say YES, you are probably pregnant! Congrats.


terryann - December 5

Hi... I am new to this board...I just wanted to respond to you two... kk and alana. I took an e.p.t on the 3rd of dec. I took it with fmu and at first all there was, was the veritcal line in control window and negative sign in test... well, within an hour, when I got to work, I noticed a light BLUE vertical line in test window, making up the postive. I was like.. NO WAY... I was only 9 dpo and felt symptoms... i just had a d&c from missed miscarraige in mid sept... so desperately wanting a baby. Anyway... as the morning progressed, the line became darker and darker.. but remained very thin like a ink pen line. But it is VERY blue and darker than the minus sigh. I took other (different) tests yesterday, but they are all a big fat negative. So i have been having my doubts until i have been reading up with responses like yours... and almost everybody gets the exact same thing.. and then like a week later they take it again.. and the positive comes up right away and they are pregnant... so now i truely believe that i am pregnant... thanks for your posts... loveandpeace terryann


sha - December 5

Hey the same thing happened to me also! I have been having all the preg. symtoms! Headaches, twitching in my stomach, my b___st seem enormous and the bumps on them have gotten bigger. Plus fluid comes out. I took the test and within 10 no more then 12 min, a light blue line apperared. This test was done in the am, but I had taken 2 the previous the night and after about 10-15 I went to bed. They were negative. I looked at them again in the am and they both had +tive line. I think they said ept has some evaporation lines, but I called the number on the box and they said I could be preg. I bought another box of 2 that came with an extra and tried it again, I got light plus lines within 12-30 min. No more than an hour. I am still confusedI came off the pill on aug 29. Got a period from the 1-6 of Sept. I havent had one since then but had some brown and a little red spotting a day ago. Don't know what that is all about! Any insight would be great! I hope I am pregnant! Good luck ladies!


anna - December 7

Hi all I am in the same boat as yourselves. I am 8 weeks late for my totm and about 2 weeks ago I took a clear blue test which showed up neg. I left it on the sink and went out for a couple of hours and when I came back I looked at it again before I put it in the bin and it was pos. What does that mean? I dont know whether to trust it or not and I am nervous to test again in case Im not preg.


Sue - April 4

Wow the same thing has happened to me, took a test on sat morning wiht clearblue was neg then checked again it was positive, took another this morning and that was neg , so am i pregnant or not, please advise,thanks a million


mikki - September 11

hello ladies please help me with my problem i havent had a period since july 2 i took an ept plus minus test it had a dark line up and down in the circle and a very faint line across it and a line in the square window i called the 1-800 number they said if you have a line up and down in the circle window then you are pregnant...but it doesnt say what line is the test line to make sure the strip is working?... im going tomorrow to the doc.


to all - September 12

A positive line after the 3 minute time limit doesn't really mean anything. Just like any chemical reaction, if you let it sit long enough, it will react with anything. Read the package insert, and run the tests accordingly. The people who wrote them are the folks who made the test, and they probably know what they are doing.


Melanie - September 17

Maybe you didn't check your test at the 3 minute mark, and you looked at it a little early getting somewhat discouraged. When you came back, you might have had the positive result after all because you looked too soon. What do you think about that?


nicole - September 18

I bought a 2 pack preg test a while ago. I threw away the box and directions, and now I took the other one, and don't know how to read it.


Rachel - September 23

Maybe its the test. The same thing happened to me. I was three days late and had been trying to conceive so I took the e.p.t. test and at first there was a negative result. After several hours there was a faint positive result. Then two days later I took another test of a different brand and it was negative. I am now eight days late and waiting to take another test. Could I be pregnant? I hope so!


Holly - September 23

To be honest it does not mean that you are pregnant. I have had that happen to me MANY times..and usually closer to my period. Still it is a good idea to go to the doctor and get another test as well as a blood test.


nikki - September 23

I'm going through the same ordeal. My clockwork period is eight days late. I have taken two tests both came out negative but I have bloating and general uneasiness in my abdomen. I'm 24 and nothing like this has happened before now. If I'm pregnant great, I just want to know. Any ideas out there? Thanks


katie - September 23

yes it happened to me. i now have a four month old.


Sadey - October 5

What happened in the end. did any of you get that BFP. If so, do reply


Diana - October 7

I took two Ept test and I have a minus sin in one window, but in the square window it has a vertical line, am I pregnant? the box stated no line means not pregnant.


dusty - December 19

Hi ladies. I just took a test two days ago and it said negative. The next day when I was taking out the bathroom trash I seen the test and it said positive. It was a faint but very visible positive. I have been pregnant before, she is 3. I was actuall wondering what I should do. Should I waste my money and go buy another one or should I get a huge bill and go to the hospital and have them give me one? I am really confused.



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