Test Negative Then Turned Positive

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dusty - December 19

Hi ladies. I just took a test two days ago and it said negative. The next day when I was taking out the bathroom trash I seen the test and it said positive. It was a faint but very visible positive. I have been pregnant before, she is 3. I was actuall wondering what I should do. Should I waste my money and go buy another one or should I get a huge bill and go to the hospital and have them give me one? I am really confused.


sherry88 - December 21

Well i am having the same problem i took a pt and a few minutes it showed negative then a few hours later it was positive so i took another one and it was negative so i went to the doctor and took a pt and it was neg so i took a blood test and now i am waiting for the results so i think u should see a doctor and see what happens.


anemicroyalty - January 13

i had the same problem. i took three equate(wal-mart brand)pregnancy test and all of them came out negative. two of them after several hours still read negative, but the one i took yesterday morning turned to a positive after 3 hours. so my advice to all you women out there that have expirienced the same thing is just not to trust a test after the 10 minute mark. the test can change due to the chemicals changing. anyways im not pregnant b/c my totm started today.


MARI_HERNANDEZ760 - January 13

im worried i dont know if i may be pregnant or not i took a pregnancy test the 2nd day i was late it turned out negative. I couldn't sleep last night because of my headache woke up with tender b___st know im about a week late my problem is that im seeing a orthopedic he orderd some medications and x rays to be done but i just want to make sure if i am or not i just don't want to risk it.


t_ta2560 - January 8

my husband and i had unprotected s_x and had an "accident" when i realized that i was ovulating on that day, its been about 11 days and i have fatigue "feel pregnant" im nascious and can't stop peeing but im getting small cramps here and there. i took a pregnancy test on the 8 day it came out negative then when i saw it again the next day it was s fainted plus sign. could i be pregnant? i am so confused.


alexca__s420 - January 28

Hey ladies i took an ept test and in the circle window is very faint and the one in the box shaped window it was a very dark line... I am only one day away from my expected period(i think) was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if i should take one in the monring since i drank like 3=4 cups of coffee already today and peed seerl times..lol any help what be greatful thanks!


mrshurst - January 17

Terryann: I am in the same place as you! Mine turned positive after about 5 minutes, so I thought maybe it was just an indication of a really weak amount of hormone. But then I took the other two tests, and the one came up negative, and then the last one came up negative, but turned this yellow color. I've been having all of these symptoms, so I'm not sure WHAT to think! Good luck and let me know what you find out!


meliza92 - June 13

wow this seems to happen a lot. i took a test about 4 days ago n randomly wanted to c what it said cuz i thought there was a faint faint line when i took it, n to my surprise it now says positive. my last 3 periods were 2 weeks apart. its been 3 weeks now n ive had 2 days of spotting when i wipe, 3 days apart. im like freaking out, when i was pregnant with my son i never used a urine it was ran through blood, then when i was 2 months i had urine so obviously that was a fast positive. im really concerned, anyways plz help. ive takin many negatives in the past n theyve neverrr changed the results. even after months (dont ask i was young n hiding them from my parents)


kpierre298 - July 11

Hey guys how are you doing? It appears that we all had the same question on this e.p.t test. I took the test and the first box said minus and the second was a vertical. I am having all the symptoms of a pregnant women. The first one i just waiting 3min and saw it was minus and threw it away but the second test i actually kept it and i will go look ast it now to see if it turn to pos, but in the meanwhile I think we should check a doc,


MrsCulpepper - August 7

Hello Everyone (: I am completely knew to this .. i am curious I took two Dollar Store Brand test and at first the first one I took came out negative after I looked at it about 5 seconds so I put it back in the wrapper then 2 days later my siser in law called me with the info that it said positive (light line from top to bottom)so I waited two days and took another one It said negative but within the hour or so it showed up a very faint line from bottom to top which would make it a + .. I have never had a test EVER do this . I rele want to be a mommy any suggestions? PLEASE!


PHG - November 26

I took a EPT plus/minus test last night.. It came out negative.. Then when I woke up this morning to check it out.. It was positive.. I still think I aint pregnant.. So I ain't gonna say nothing until I take another test in 1 Week


brittlynnxo - January 18

I had the same thing happen too me, a lot of people is saying that it's normal for that too happen, I really don't know what too think.. I mean it was negative I took five only three did that negative & changed too positive.. I mean I'm only 16.. I need advice, am I pregnant or not? Because, people are saying that it's some reaction thing.. If you let it stay there too long or something like that.. I talked too the doctor & they said, that it doesn't really mean it's positive.. I just need advice.. Should I go too the doctor?


zellayna - January 13

I took an exact ept yesterday it was negative, today i took the second one after first 3 minutes it was negative, i placd it down and looked again aftr 20 minutes and there is clearly a vertical faint line with a sharper blue on the one side of it but very faint, i was excited because my last pregnancy (daughter now almost 8 months) same thing very faint line, also had tossed out 2-3 tests i took the same day and day before out - went back to look at htem in the trash and they were all positive - they were negative even after 20-30 minutes prior. so after i got the faint positive it was on a first response 4 daays sooner - i went to the doctor told her about the test , they took a teest and it was negative ! even though i was pregnant, the doctor was trying to tell me imust have had a false positive but thry took blood and confirmed i was pregnant afterwards. This test i took today was faint but not the same test as previous so i went and bought a fist response and tested again 2 hours after i got the faint positive on the exact, and it was negative and is still negative. Not sure if im pregnant again now that i have a negative on a more expensive pt than the positive pt, i will test again in the morning!


jazminjazmin - June 28

I know it's late but I experienced the same thing recently that you guys did and I was just wondering if you guys got any results?? Anything will help, I would just like to know before I freak out and tell everyone I might be pregnant.


BeckySiu - July 10

This is exactly what happened to me yesterday! I'm so confused because I went to the doctor's this morning and got a negative so now I dont know if I should go with "it's a false positive" or "wait to take a blood test instead."


Monicam1015 - May 6

This happened to me as well. I took several pregnancy test, all would be negative. One of them was negative and later that day when I checked it before tossing in the trash it was positive. I was pregnant at the time. I lost my baby a month before I was in a car accident. Ladies trust your instinct, you could be right. I lost my baby at 17weeks. A baby boy, his name is Princeton Josiah. He's missed every single day.


Trust your motherly instinct. You feel pregnant go get checked. It could be that you are pregnant and won't know if you don't get a second opinion. I was pregnant and the odd part was that when the pregnancy test gave me a negative it was blue line and when I checked it later that day it had a positive but with a light brown yellow line . very weird, good luck ladies.



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