Test Negative Then Turned Positive

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Monicam1015 - May 6

This happened to me as well. I took several pregnancy test, all would be negative. One of them was negative and later that day when I checked it before tossing in the trash it was positive. I was pregnant at the time. I lost my baby a month before I was in a car accident. Ladies trust your instinct, you could be right. I lost my baby at 17weeks. A baby boy, his name is Princeton Josiah. He's missed every single day.


Trust your motherly instinct. You feel pregnant go get checked. It could be that you are pregnant and won't know if you don't get a second opinion. I was pregnant and the odd part was that when the pregnancy test gave me a negative it was blue line and when I checked it later that day it had a positive but with a light brown yellow line . very weird, good luck ladies.


Leochica NeNe - October 27

Zellanya, did you ever find out if you were pregnant? 


Savanahbrown235 - February 28

This is what I am wondering. I have taken 6 pregnancy tests, 4 negative 2 (maybe) positive. The only symptom I have is missing my period for 2 months which is not super unnormal for me. The first one hat came back positive was negative until he next afternoon I checked and there was a very faint plus line. The second one I took that might be positive was the exact same brand and has the exact same faint line in the exact same place as the other! (Off centre to the left) every other test I took was a solid negative either no line showed up or just one and they were all different brands than the 2 "positives".  I am really scared and the possibility of being pregnant is eating me alive. Is there any chance that this is just a fluke of the pregnancy test brand?


jing_yang1 - March 30


I took test two day before my period date and got negative. I carried the same preg test with me to work place and checked it after 4 hours. It showed positive. i panicked and took multiple home preg tests next 2 days. Every test showed negative. After couple of days my period started. So as suggested by home preg test procedure do not consider results no later than as mentioned. 



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