The Quot Hook Effect Quot

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kristine-- - July 29

at what point does this occur? the "hook effect" is when your hCg is too high that it shows up - on an HPT. any stories?


kristine-- - August 6



Crystal83 - August 6

The "hhok effect" can happen when the HCG level exceeds 1 000 000 IU/L, causing pregancy tests to come out as a false-negative. There is a 1 in 200 chance it will occur and usually hapens in very young women or women who are almost finnished their reproductive years. Basically the Dr. need to give an ultrasound to find out if the women is actually pregnant or dilute the blood or urine test to give a lower hcg level.


Crystal83 - August 6

"hook effect" **


Crystal83 - August 6

omg I'm sorry I typed too fast----- 1 in 2000 chance


kristine-- - August 6

lol, it's ok, crystal. thanks for your answers, hun!


shallybabi3 - April 22

This happened to me...the hook effect. I had negative urine and blood test throughout my entire pregnancy. And I had a high risk pregnancy. But doctors would only do a urine and tell me I was delusion al and that I needed help. Tried to put me in counseling! But I refused! I knew I was pregnant. I went through 3 months of bleeding... Non-stop! They didn't do any other exams or see if there was any other problems possibly. They'd just send me home every time. Finally I came across a nurse who said shed help me. The doctor had stepped out so she ordered an ultrasound for me... And vwallaahhhhh! 6 and a half months pregnant. Baby sucking her thumb and everything. They still wanted to see if I'd test positive with a blood Test...sure didn't. Negative urine and blood test. By then it was to late... I anemic...and all the bleeding put horrible stress on the baby. Not to mention...doctors would never give me prenatal care. I could've sued every doctor or hospital I went to that didn't do their jobs right. But I didn't because all of the money in the world couldn't bring my baby back.


shallybabi3 - April 22

My fiance had even left me because he thought I was crazy... I was called a liar...and was put down by everyone including family. When at that point I needed then there more then anything.


amberc922 - February 8

Well it's not offical for me like some of you that have posted but I have done 4 hpt's and had a blood test at the dr. and all were negative but yet I have all the symptoms of being pregnant. I just feel different too. So I go to the OB's office Monday and see what they can tell me. I don't want to look stupid but I know there is something different with me and from all my symptoms they all lead to pregnancy. I was not trying to get pregnant but we are completley fine with it if I am. I just wish someone or something would be able to tell me and not be wrong by chance. My family Dr. told me it sounds like a UTI and I almost laughed at him but I took the urine test for that anyways and of course it came back negative. Being a woman you just know when something's different and I do but because I don't have a freaking test that says so I'm crazy and there's no way I'm the one in a billion around here that has had this happen to them. I hope I can prove them wrong. An ultrasound is the only thing not been done yet. I'm thinking they will do that on Monday keep my fingers crossed.....til then.


bossladihaze - February 19

I can relate to you amber because here it is my last menstrual was dec 23. and i took a hpt 2 and i also took a bt and a urine test at my docs appt and they both came back negative but my body is going through so many changes my stomach has a pouch and everytime i eat i feel uncomfortable and tight i have the mood swings nausea and my fiance is throwing up and feeling nausea too can you give me some advice


jab041979 - August 9

Im wondering if this is what is going on with me. I have been trying to get pregnant since October of 2010. Just a few weeks ago I was feeling my stomach (couldnt tell u why) and I noticed it seemed to drop off about 1-2 inches below my belly b___ton. I also thought i might be feeling movement...about 2 weeks later it was just below my belly b___ton. I feel like Im crazy..havent missed a period and havent gotten a pos. test. I think im about 20 weeks if I am pregnant.


Moodyree - September 6

Thank you so much for this infromation. I am 47 and never been pregnant. By my calculations I am now 5 weeks pregnant. I am no 10 days late and I am never late, I have morning (haha - all day) sickness, tender breasts, sore nipples, I cry at anything, get moody and I have food aversions, etc. Have had 5 urine test and 1 blood test all say negative. My family thing I am nuts, my Dr does not believe me yet I know I am pregnant. I know I am not delusional, I was not trying to get pregnant so I am sure it isn't a phantom pregnancy. Thank you all I feelless alone and not crazy now.



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