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GLORIA - March 24

I have been on this web site for 2 days reading post after post. I have been trying to absorb all the information that I can. I cannot get over how many of us ladies are in the same situation. My last monthly period was 2/14/05. I have taken several home preg. tests all have been neg. I understand how hard it is to wait and all the anxiety y'all must feel. When some one finally comes up pregnant after a long time of waiting let and lots of negative test result's let me know. I will keep y'all updated on my situation. I was testing every other day. I think that made me more stressed. Unless I get my period I have an appointment with the doc. on April 7th. Wow that's also my 5th Anniversary. Me and my honey have been together for a loooong time. We have two boy's who are 10 and 6. We didn't get married until our youngest was 1 1/2. Then I got pregnant again 2 months later and miscarried when I was 2 1/2 mo.s along. I had a 2 year battle with cervical dysplasia and finally have gone one year with normal pap test's. We got the doc's go ahead to try for another little one. So we tried our very best and now comes this waiting. It's quite frustrating. My prayers are with y'all


GLORIA - March 26

I was having this dream right before I woke up. I was in a dept. store and saw all these baby clothes on sale. So I went nuts picking out all these cute pink outfits for the baby girl I have been praying for. Anyway so I got up about 6 a.m. took my temp. before getting out of bed and not noting much difference in the degree as I usually have which was 98.7. This morning it was 98.2. So I thought 'oh, well'. But I was alittle weirded out and excited about the dream. So I took a test right away. And Boooo-YaaaaaH! it came up positive. I rubbed my eye's and checked my clock and wondered for a second or two. The line was faint. So I went and laid down on the couch in my living room and blissfully fell asleep. Actually I meant to wait and check the line in a couple of minutes, but I was so tired I went 'snoozer's'. My husband woke me up and I got off the couch and went and looked at that test again. Yep it was still positive. I however am able to contain my excitement. Now I am in the frame of mind..."wait till you see the baby on the ultra-sound. Before you reaaly believe it." some of ya'll who have had early term miscarriages like I have really understand this thinking. But I also put my faith in the Lord. I'm still going in to the Doc on April 7th. And probably just for personal confirmation do other home pregnancy test's. I have some really awesome scriptures from the Bible to help those who are waiting for your confimation test's and Dr visit's. And I have some scripture's for those who are pregnant or who want to be pregger's. I'll post them on Monday. I only have computers access from the local public library. I love y'all. "Trust in God, he's working it out for you." Chat with ya again on monday. Peace out!



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