The So Called EARLY Test Need Info

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Chas - February 16

How many of you have used the clearblue early digital and at how many dpo did you get your positive?? If not using the clearblue, what kind did you use and at how many dpo did you get your bfp ?? Thanks :)


raye1712 - February 18

I too tried the clearblue digital and normal hpt tests and got negatives on all of them. I also used them on my last pregnancy and got negatives until I was nearly 3 weeks late. ( I am two weeks late now) So these early tests don't do what they claim. Hope it all works out well for you hunny. Good luck and lots of baby dust. x


DownbutnotOUT - February 18

I got a faint faint + on a dollar tree test at 9 dpo and a BFP at 11 dpo. Though I was 14 1/2 weeks with my first before I got a + result. So you never know, good luck.


jenjerbre - February 19

The ept digital worked for me 2 days before my period was due wih my second pregnancy. I just took 2 first response early result tests and got 2 faint positives. I'm 4 days late!


SaraH - February 19

I like the Answer early tests. They're not digital but they're easy to read and they don't cost as much as the more "name brand" pregnancy tests. I got a bfp w/ this pregnancy using the Answer Early test at 8 dpo (but it was very very very faint. You had to look in really bright lighting to see it and it was just a faint shadow so I wasn't even 100% sure at the time that it was a positive test --It was so light that I doubt a digital test would have read it as positive). I then got a definite bfp, that there was no mistaking a second line on, at 10dpo.


Chas - February 19

Thanks for all the feedback! Af did show yesterday though. Bumor... oh well, try try again.


AmazonMom - February 19

The Dollar Tree test give you a better chance testing post_tive at only 25hcg! The other tests like First Respone and Clear Blue are in the 100's!!! Plus they only cost $1!


SaraH - February 20

AmazonMom the Clear blue digital is actually 40mIU and the Clear blue +/- test is only 25 mIU. The First Response early test is 25 mIU too. I've looked these up a couple different places and this is what the manufactures claim at least. I found a good web site a yr or so ago when I was look at all of this site and it actually gives you a comparison chart of different HPT brands sensitivity. I listed the website under the heading of "Wondering about hpt brands? This should help."


AmazonMom - February 20

Actually I did research into the results of pregnancy tests. Each website has a different answer as to the senstivity of these tests. I am a__suming you went to baby hope to get the info, however I tried another website which gave different info: 20 mIUs hCG E.P.T. 40 mIUs hCG Clearblue Easy 50 mIUs hCG Store Brand: Rite-Aid 50 mIUs hCG First Response 100 mIUs hCG Answer 100 mIUs hCG Store Brand: Equate/WalMart 100 mIUs hCG QTest 100 mIUs hCG Store Brand: Walgreens 100 mIUs hCG Precise 100 mIUs hCG So I guess it depends on website you go to for info. I do know that the Dollar General tests are the lowest store bought and that is from experience as well. There are other websites that do state the Clear blue test around 100's and I saw one that stated 250 (which I do not believe).


SaraH - February 21

AmazonMom, it's interesting that it's so hard to come up w/ a definite answer to what the amount they test is. I know the numbers I listed I've seen on a few different sites, but who knows... Thanks for the info though. I am pretty sure that the Answer Early test is much lower then 100 mIU (although maybe Answer also has a test that isn't "early" and isn't as sensitive??) as I've used them a number of times (2 m/c's and this current pregnancy). I've also used some of the more expensive brands (including EPT and a couple other brands) and the Answer always has showed up earliest and the clearest. Anyways, it's interesting that all of these sites list different things --all supposable claiming that they backed up the info w/ the manufacturers. Thanks for the extra info.


sososleepy - February 28

It depends on how old the site is because the tests are made differently over time. They can make them more sensitive now than a few years ago, so old information is not accurate today. Check the manufacturer's web site for up to date information. The good news is that todays tests are more sensitive, the bad news is that that means my bfn's today and the last several days are probably real ones :( but I wont give up till the aunt flows.


sososleepy - March 1

... she flowed.



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