The Waiting Game And Just Started Spotting Tonight

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mother of 2 sons - February 3

I have never had this waiting game before. With both boys I had no trouble. The day that I was suppose to get AF I impatiently tested with Early Response tests and immediately got positive responses. Now I am 3 days late and countless neg preg tests later. Lots of cramping sore br___ts, tired, lots of peeing, and just tonight brown spotting and lots of cervical mucas. My Dr. doesn't want to see me. My DH thinks I still am ( maybe my mood swings confirmed it for him) but I need more reassurance. Please someone help my calm down. Its all I can think about


mother of 2 sons too - February 3

Wow! I cannot believe I am in practically the EXACT same situation as you! I have 2 sons too, and with both of my boys I had Positive preg tests immediately! Now I am 6 days late already, and I have had numerous negative tests. I also cannot think about anything else and the waiting is driving me crazy. I'm just glad to know someone else is going thru this, it makes me feel less alone! I just don't know what to think. I really have No symptoms either - with my boys I had every symptom in the book. Do u have any symptoms? (I was hoping the diff may mean this time's a girl?) - that is, if I am pregnant... :) Please keep me updated!!! and i'll let u know about me.


mother of 2 sons - February 4

Hello mother of 2 sons too. Oh would I do anything for a girl. DH and I actually had it down to a science trying to conceive our little girl too be. The chinese calender, to eating a magnesium diet for a while to going to our hot tub just before ttc, to basal body temperatures and having s_x 3 days before O then rolling over to my right, not having an orgasm, to the missionary must get the picture. Well just after writing my note online I got some brown spotting, then today (friday noon time) I began bleeding for sure with lots of cramping and a big clot so needless to say I am very upset right now. Oh how wish to be preggo with my girl..I sure wish you all the best. I bet you already have a girl name too!!!! We are trying again of course in March ( the chinese cal says Feb is sappose to be boy for age 29) I will almost do anything to increase our odds. Like to here from you with better news then what I gave to you


mother of 2 sons too - February 6

Well - I am still playing the waiting game... but as each test comes back negative I'm feeling less and less like I'm pregnant and wondering if it was all just in my head. Just b/c i never skipped a period b4 doesn't mean it can't happnen now! I'll let u know if anything changes.... Sorry about your news, and good luck in March!!!


mother of 3 daughters - February 6

trying for that boy...playing the waiting game as well. I was supposed to start my period today and nothing, took a prego test this morning and it was negative. I'm moody, bloated and am unrinated very frequently...I was very disappointed about the negative you all think I tested too early? I can't think of anything else either. I've done this three times and I still can't read remeber the signs! I guess what they say is right- every pegnancy is different. Good Luck to you all....



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