The Worst Part Is I Dont Know When I Last Had My Period

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help me out here!!! - January 22

OK, here goes, please help me with this!!! Back in November I was a day or 2 behind on my pills. husband had to go away for a month! (Nov 21st to Dec 21st.) Well during that time I got 5 days behind!!!! ( 5 days behind on a new pill pack with no period in between) No, there was NO intercourse while he was gone. Then on Dec 20th we decided I'd get off the pill, We decided we wanted a baby. Again, he came home on Dec 21st and we do have a very active s_x life. Problem is, I havent had a period since probably around early November, and as of this date I still havent. I have done at least 5 preg tests off and on, all neg. I spotted 2 days ago, just a little brown streak when I wiped after going to the bathroom, then yesterday the same thing happened. Other than that little bit, there has been nothing else. I cant tell you exactly when my last period was, my pills were so screwed up, I cant figure it out. But I can tell you that I know for a FACT that I havent had a period in 2 mos or better because I know that he had to go out of town on Nov. 21st and didnt return till Dec. 21and I KNOW I had no period during that time and this is Jan 22 and there is STILL no period and NEGATIVE preg. tests!!! So do you guys think maybe I conceived after Dec.21 when he came home and its too early to show up and just not having any periods before that was a fluke??? or is it possible for me to have gotten preg in Nov before he left and its still not showing up??? I would have thought that if that happened, it would have shown up by now. What do you guys think? I really havent had any symptoms like sore br___ts, but I never did anyway with my other 2 children. I had a tiny bit of nausea one evening but it went away fairly quickly, and Ive had a couple of dizzy spells but that was always after zI stood up, which just could be getting up too quickly. I am under a TREMENDOUS amount if stress due to a PSYCHOTIC X husband so what are some opinions???? Am I or am I not??????


J - January 23

Help me out here, I have had the same problem. When I came of my bc in october I had my period in November but in December I spotted for 1 day and now in January I spotted on the 14th for 1 day. I still haven't gotten my period yet but not sure when it would be due anyway due to my cycle be so screwed up. I know people say it does mess with your cycle for a while after coming of bc but didn't think it would stop altogether. Anyway I done a test yesterday but it turned out negative however when i looked at the results half an hour later there was a faint positive. I know the instructions say ignore results after 10 minutes but when I have done these same tests in December when I went back to them 1 day later they were still showing negative. Anyway I am now going to test again in a couple of days. Have you done a test recently? Keep me informed and let me know how you are doing.


help me out here! - January 23

My last test was Jan 21st. Just as negative as can be. I swear I "feel" pregnant but I cant help but believe that when women "feel" pregnant, its just wishful thinking. I often feel kinda like Im gonna start, just from that feeling you get in your abdomen. Ive never cramped, just more along the lines of a "strained" feeling in my abdomen. Its really weird isnt it?? As far as messing your cycle up coming off the pill, I always started bleeding if I missed a pill or 2 so I would think that coming off the pill would do the same thing. I think Im gonna do a blood test tomorrow. Just so I can figure this out and get a piece of mind. How long does it take to get those results back usually?? I guess about 3 days huh??? You probably ought to do the same...


J - January 23

help me out here, I have had some slight developments today. I started to bleed quite heavy, but still not enough to mark my pants, only when I wipe, however now 3 hours later it seems a though it has gotten lighter / stopped. God knows what is going on. I am thinking of making an appointment with the doctors as this will be the second month of spotting. Let me know you get on at the doctors with your blood test. I will keep you informed of any developments but its not looking very promising for me at the moment.



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