They Say I M Not But Its Been 6 Weeks And No Period I Ve Missed Twice

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Alexis - August 9

I had s_x 4 the very first time about 6 wees ago and I'm late. But I have taken 2 preg. tests and they both said negitive but i haven't had my period yet Does anyone have any clue on what I should do. I have an app. at plkan parenthood Wednesday but I'm scared b/c if the tests say i 'm not pregnat then what could be wrong???? The boy did use protection but I'm late and I have no idea why.... The first test I took the boys mom bought at the dollar store and it was negitive but I went and bought another one one of those "clear blue ones and it said not pregnat and when ejected it it seemed right b/c there was only one line.....I mean it says I'm not but I'm 6 weeks late and I've missed two periods???? What do you think could be wrong???


Helen - August 9

Are you on any medication at the moment or have you been stressed lately? These 2 factors can cause women to miss periods. If the answer to both those questions is no, then you could well be pregnant. Have you been feeling more tired lately? Have you been feeling sick? Have your b___sts appeared to get bigger?


nimue926 - October 13

how old are you? when girls are just starting - periods are not always regular.


milissa - October 14

After i lost my virginity I did not get my period for awhile? But I did bleed during and after for acouple of days. I was 17 at the time.


Daile - October 15

I know how you feel Alexis. I've been missing periods lately, too. I've missed three periods now, but even the doctors say I'm not pregnant. I would suggest going to the doctor to get a blood test done, and hope for the best. Good luck.


E - October 15

Daile, do they know why you keep missing so many periods? Have you had an ultrasound done just to be sure? How old are you if I may ask?


Daile - October 16

E, I'm 18, and no, they have no idea. I've seen two different doctors, both of whom say I am not pregnant. One did a full blood workup and said all my hormones (and anything else that can be tested with blood) are normal, so he doesn't know what's going on. I'm supposed to go to a gynocologist on Friday the 22nd to have more stuff poked at. However, on the bright side, I started spotting a few hours ago!! I never thought I would be this happy about bleeding :P I'm still going to the gyn to see why I missed for so long, tho.



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