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jackie - November 11

hi daile, ive noticed you have been getting the same replys as i have from M and E, never mind they must just like to right all of the time, for anybody else that reads this post, we are on about evaporation lines on hpt when left for a certain time, sorry what i mean is a pregnancy test should not be read after a certain time because a evaporation line could appear and give a false positive reading. if there is any ladys out there who have experienced this i would love to hear from.


concerned - November 11

i had a positive result but very faint after 15 minutes and i was not pregnant after all because my period came the same day


Michelle - November 11

I had a very faint line on my last test taken ( the 5th) and i got 2 blood tests taken after that but it said Negative!!! Now im having brown spotting and i have no idea what it means.. is it another pregnancy symptom????


amanda - November 11

hey jackie, i kinda had an experience with evaporation lines. i took a test and it said Neg, then like 10-15 min later a faint line showed up, it was tha same color blue as the neg line, except it was lighter. i dont know if it was an evaporation line or what? i go to my doc tomorrow 11/12. by tha way i took the test last week and i started my period about 6 days later, but it only lated 3 days??? weird.


E - November 12

I do not need to be right. I believe they exist but just don't think they are common. I have been working in a science lab for years, primarily using immunohistochemistry (detecting proteins in tissue and cells), and I happen to understand the concept behind the detection of hCG using urine. I KNOW that evaporation lines are extremely rare and if you see a line, you are most likely pregnant. I also would like to hear from women who have experienced this but I will bet there are not many. Several posts does not mean that EL's are common. Amanda, let us know when you truly find out if it was an evaporation line. Again, I don't mind being wrong, except if it is with my husband. I don't think that I should stay silent about what I know to be true just as you should and do feel free to voice what you think.


jackie - November 19

this is for M and E, go to the evaporation lines site and read what beth has said, I REST MY CASE.


E - November 19

Maybe he was pregnant, lol?


jackie - November 20

there must be some truth in evaporation lines for a man to get a positive result. i am not saying that they happen all the time but they can happen in some cases.


T - November 20

I agree. Evapouration lines can happen. If a second line does appear and its grey or colorless then its an evapouration line. If its slightly colored or a colored line, then its not an evapouration line. Thats what we're usually told anyway. But if the colored line appears outside of the time frame stated on the test, personally I would think its a posibility you are pregnant and wait a few more days a re-test with a pregnancy test which looks for a lower amount of HCG in the urine. I have heard of women who had a second colored line appear after 30minutes and found out they were pregnant a few weeks later. I'm not sure if this is completely true but I wouldn't want to give false hope to anyone who may read my post. So I would say stick to the time frame stated on the test. If a colorless line appears then its an evapouration line. I've had an evapouration line myself so I understand how confusing they can be.


Alana - November 23

I just wanted to add my two cents here. I do believe that evaporation lines exist, and that they are usually either colorless or grey. But here's what happened to me. I took an ept test that gives a + or - sign for a result. Well at first it was negative and about an hour later it was a plus sign. It was very faint, but it was a plus. And it was blue, the same color as the test line. Well, I waited a week and took another test and it came up positive really fast. So I came to the conclusion that there just wasn't enough HCG in my system for the test to be triggered during the alotted time frame. So I believe that if you get a faint line, even if it's not within the designated time frame, as long as it's a definate line with color and not grey or colorless that it's not an evaporation line. Hope this helps someone out!!



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