To All Women Who Have Missed Period But Neg Result

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Monica - December 3

Well RE says that I can start the process of and IUI...I'm excited b/c I know that it's going to work the first time around. This morning my DH and I are going to a cla__s to teach us how to eject the MEDs into my rear end (LOL) after I've done that for a few nights then my RE will do and u/s to see if I've ovulated.. if I have then they will contuine to the next step IUI!!! this will cost us about 316.00 but it's worth it. DH and I have no childern together, but I do have a step son that is 12... So please ladies pray, that all goes well. and to CFL..I know you say that you've had blood work done, but maybe you should have the doctor do and u/s??? and congrats to you WISHFUK THINKING!!


Elizabeth - December 3

Hi ladies, thanks for your posts they really help me with coping and hoping right now. After 3 miscarriages in one year, all natural and D &C, regular cycles of 26-28 days all returning within 4 to 6 weeks of surgery, my last obgyn recommended clomid 50 mg at 3-7 days so i could produce more eggs (problem is bad eggs so wants to up odds). Took clomid at night, had lower cramps etc, took ovulation tests at right time all positive, ttc every other day during ov time, cm good, now i am on day 30 of my cycle and no period and BFN on tests...worried and concerned because never been late on cycle without being pregnant. Dr. says just let it ride for another week but still i am concerned that this clomid messed with my system. Has anyone has similar situation??? Please keep me in your positive thoughts and prayers as i am really going through a lot of emotional pain just keeping it together after the last year.


Trish - December 3

I was not able to have a bowel movement for 6 days, so I called my doctor, went in for my appt. he said "Do you think there might be a possibility you're pregnant?" That was the farthest thing from my mind do to my regualr periods, but I answered "Yes, I guess so..." He took a blood test, it was positive and I was about 41/2 months pregnant. I was'nt showing but when my doc told me to lay back, he did the measurements & told me to feel the ball in my stomach, that was the baby! I had not gainned any weight and there were no symtems.... I was not on B/C


davidsgirl - December 5

I had a perfect period every 30 days to the clock. I always knew the day I would start. I had unprotected s_x for the first time in 18 years... then when it came time to begin menstrating I only spotted faintly...and failed to have a period. Two weeks after supposed conception I took 2 tests...NEGATIVE results. Then by the time I was to have another period...I did not. I still am testing Negative. If I am pregnant then I am exactly 5 weeks and 2 days. I know the conception date....because it is the only day I have ever had unprotected s_x. Still worried...still concerned.


CFL - December 5

Well ladies, I stopped and got another EPT on the way home Friday and did it Saturday morning and guess what? It was POSITIVE. I still can't believe it, after 3 negatives and a negative blood test. Ladies, listen to your bodies. You know yourself best.


Natasha - December 5

CFL - congrats. i'm sure you are so happy. At last a BFP, how far along are you??


CFL - December 5

Well, if I've been pregnant as long as I think I have been them I'm about 6 weeks along. I guess only an ultrasound will tell for sure. I am soo happy but don't want to get too excited yet as i've miscarried twice in the last 6 months.


becca - December 5

congrats, CFL! I also have pcod found out three years ago when i got pg and only carried her 5 months and had prom.since then i have tried clomid for 6 months and stopped this last june and since i have been having regular periods about 33 to 36 days on my own but now i'm on cd45 and a bfn last week but i feel sore b___sts and my sinuses have been acting up which happened last time but i didn't take a test last time till i was 8 weeks and it came up bfp so i don't know how early it wouldv'e shown up. This is just sooo depressing and stressfull i don't know what to think.any ideas anyone?


Tawnya - December 5

Hey everyone my Nephew was born today via c-section. We were worried about him coming too early, but he came today and the doctors have said he is to term and his lungs are at 100%. His original due date was Jan. 1 then after ultrasound it was set for Dec. 26. I guess Doctors aren't always right!!LOL! HIs name is Gage Alexander at 7lbs & 7 oz., 18 1/2 long. Now about me I finally got my AF on the 1st so hopefully now we can start trying.. Thanks for all your help and prayers!


CFL - December 7

Tawnya - Congratulations on your nephew and good luck to you.


leslie - December 9

i missed one pill on the 16th and took it on the 17th .on the 18th i had intercouse.and on the week that i was going to get my period i didnt


Sarah DFW - December 12

This forum caught my eye because I am in a similar situation. I went off birth control in July. My husband and I always use condoms. But I am 8 weeks late. I am really concerned. I have always just been at the most one week late. The last two times I am supposed to have my period, I have had VERY light brown spotting for half a day. Other than being a little tired (I am a graduate student, so that’s not too abnormal) and having heart burn (which I’ve never had) I’ve felt fine. I have taken four tests all of which are very clearly negative. I wish I knew what was going on.


H - December 14

I didn't get a positive on a pregnancy test until 2 weeks after my missed period! I am not 18 weeks pregnant. Some people ovulate late and then if you take into consideration the implantation time can take longer than expected for a positive to show up! Keep testing, but use digital tests that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant." These are so much better!


H - December 14

ooops...meant to say I AM NOW 18 WEEKS PREGNANT!


KeriJean - December 14

I am now about 12 days late and waiting on a positve test ...


Genevieve - December 16

I've been going crazy for 2 weeks now!!! On December 1st my boyfriend and I were having s_x and the condom broke and all of it went in me and the last tim i got my period was November 9th. Today is the 16th and i am 1 week late. I feel very tired VERY hungry all the time and it's driving me crazy i took a test today and it was negative. Is it possible i can be pregnant? If it is how long until i find out i am? I calculated it and it says i should be 4 weeks! Im me on heavenlystarrz if you can help me!!! Thanks



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