To All Women Who Have Missed Period But Neg Result

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Genevieve - December 16

I've been going crazy for 2 weeks now!!! On December 1st my boyfriend and I were having s_x and the condom broke and all of it went in me and the last tim i got my period was November 9th. Today is the 16th and i am 1 week late. I feel very tired VERY hungry all the time and it's driving me crazy i took a test today and it was negative. Is it possible i can be pregnant? If it is how long until i find out i am? I calculated it and it says i should be 4 weeks! Im me on heavenlystarrz if you can help me!!! Thanks


lori - December 20

Hi. all of your stories are just like mine. My last period, i started Nov. 3. im usually regular, i start at the beginning on the month. it is now Dec. 21 and no sign. My b___st are a little sore, im tired, and im hungry all the time. I just feel like i am pregnant. I took 3 test... NEG. i had a little spotting a couple weeks ago and that was it i mean it was not even enough to get on my underwear. I will take another test Wed. So i will keep you posted.


nicky - December 20

good luck lori! we are in the same boat. my last af was nov 2nd and i have no sign of af. i have taken HPT's and they are all neg. i have a long cycle though and i am not sure when was too early. regardless i should have tested postivie by now. anyway, good luck!


zoe - December 20

I'm never sure when i'm due but have been monitering for the past few months and by my calculations Iam now 12 days late but have had 2 negs last one on sunday. Dont thinkI feel that differnt altough a lttle tired. Any suggestions?


Bphil8 - October 17

Hey ladies, I know I'm a little late tothe conversation but I thought I should let you all know:

I was on BC, normal 28 day cycle, last period was Aug 7th. Took my first home test September 14th and it was Neg. took 3 more a week apart all neg. I called my OBs office and described what was going on because I had very obvious pregnancy symptoms: bloating, cramps, nausea, they told me the brand of test I took is usually very accurate (First Res.) and not to worry about it unless i missed 2 more periods because it could be a hormone issue. Well October 7th came and went w no period, now with fatigue, back pain and migraines. Took a test October 15th and its positive. After doing some research it said HCG hormone is highest in week 8-11 so that would explain my negative tests.


Hope this helps!


glamourgirl2018 - November 3

My last  AF was sept 4th  heavy as normal. but when my period was due for oct 2nd i only had a tiny bit of spotting for less then 30 mins only a little on my pad and when i whipped . then oct 3,4 had nothing , oct 5th i had a tiny bit of spotting again less then 30 mins and then it was gone!!! for oct 6th my last day of my period i had nothing at all !!! i toke a home pregnancy test one the oct 8th it was negtive and i have had urine test done oct 3, and had a bata HCG blood pregnancy test oct 10th which came back as negtive . then had another urine HCG test oct 23rd which was negtive again .... i am starting to get really worried i have regular every month periods the only time i had every spotted was with all  my other pregnancies which the spotting also came when my period was due .... my doctor doesnt seem worried just keeps saying i am not pregnant cause of all the negtives ... but to keep testing weekly , and she ordered me a pelvic ultrasound on the 24th still havent herd back with an appointment yet ....  i am hungey all the time , my b--bs have started to get a little tender , and i am very tired all the time and have to pee none stop. but i am worried cause i have spine bifthda and toke it upon it on my self to start taking prenatal vitamins just incase i have herd so many horror stories of women finding out later on that they were actually pregnant all along when they were told they were.... i am just at lost what to do or think i mean i have never missed a period never mind now two that i have now missed 



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