To Let You Know Few Things About Tests And Pgc

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Ema 26 - December 29

Hi everyone I see lots of questions "could I be pregnant," "my period is late" and so on. If you are pregnant, test should be positive 14 days after you ovulated and had s_x or earlier, because most of women should have enough hcg in their urine by that time. I have been ttc for couple of months and last week 9pod the test was positive. I did use first response, and the second line was so faint it took me 2 hours to figure it out. Most of the people wouldn't be able to see the second line. I bought "Clearblue digital 4 days early" and it was positive, so try that test it is good-no lines, it tells you in words. It is impossible to be pregnant and have your normal periods. You could be pregnant only if period is very light and lasts a short time only. If you are late and the test is ngt, you could be pregnant only if you ovulated late, or you should retest after 1 week and then again the next week and if test is N see your doctor. There is a very little chance or no chance at all to miss your period a month or more and be pregnant after a negative test. The test should be positive as I said 14 days after ovulation , and/or 1-2 weeks after your epected period.


wrong... - December 29

my mom had "regular" periods the whole time she was preg with my little sister. And, I've also seen lots of posts where people have gotten false negs with ClearBlue Digital after they've missed a period. Don't turn your personal experiences into rules for everyone else. This is a forum where anxious ttc women come for support. If you don't want to see "could I be pregnant" questions, go somewhere else.


cbaker - December 29

I got a Positive on the Clearblue digital...I like it better than most Pregnancy tests.


Ema 26 - December 29

I don't mind all the questions. Your mom couldn't have 'regular periods', negative test , and still was pregnant. Her periods must have been not as heavy as before. As I said Clearblue is very good, and all those people who got negative results were testing too early probably. I was just trying to help and answer some of those questions, but "blind women" who think they can have heavy periods and negative tests and still be pregnant probably shouldn't respond to my topic. I was ttc for a few months myself, and was very desperate, but I have learned a lot from my past pregnancies.


bump - December 30



Stacy - December 30

ou are 100% wrong. Read posts from other woman who indeed were very pregnant and did not test positve on HPT test for several months. Every body is different. You should not give negative hope to someone just because they have not rec. a positive HPT yet. I swear I am pregnnat with number 4 and I am three weeks late. No BFP yet but I will get one. Good Luck to you for being lucky on your BFP so early on!!!!


Taneika - January 1

This is for Eva 26: First of all, (I wrote as "wrong" before), I hope you're not implying that I am among the so-called "blind women" that you're talking about...all I am saying is that you are lucky and got a positive result as early as you did, and you shouldn't shoot down someone else's hopes based on your own personal experiences. I would also like to add that I just found out that I am pregnant and the Clearblue Easy Digital said "Not Pregnant" when other, less expensive brands came up with a positive. And, I had already missed af. I don't know who appointed you doctor, but guess what, ya don't know everything!!!!


Lynn S. - January 2

Ema 26 your post did sound rather harsh.


HPTs are false - January 3

From experience with HPT i say its pot luck if it works or not. i was 2 months pregnant while the most famous brands clear blue and early response kept giving me negative results and destroying my hopes. They just dont work i dont trust them anymore. I could have beleived the test straight away and harmed my baby.


Pee on a Stick - January 4

Go to it has info on preg tests. It is based off of womens experiences. I read there that Clear Blue Easy has given both false positvies and negatives.



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