To The Pregnancy Wizz People Lol

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GimmeaBub - October 4

I have a quick question, I tested positive with clear blue on Tuesday, and yesterday, then yesterday i tried a different brand and got a negative I am 4 days late, i will be testing with another brand again tommorow, but i was just interested in knowing, what would be a good brand to test with? What was the outcome? and has anyone ever got a positive with 1 brand, and then negative with another? I got a very clear positive on the clear blue. Worst comes to worse I will just go to the dr


singlem0m - October 4

Pregnancy tests have different levels that they'll read at. Some are much more sensitive than others. For instance, on test may read 20 hcg while another reads 50 hcg. So if you have an hcg level of 30 one test may show a definite + while the other will show a negative. I would say your prego! CONGRATS! Could you tell me the different brand of test that you used?


sarah21 - October 4

You can go to and see the different pregnancy tests available and the level of Hcg they test and all that.


kay101 - October 4

First Response ................... best, most sensitive test out there.


GimmeaBub - October 4

I used Confirm, I dont even know who the heck confirm are until isaw them ona pharamacy shelf. Well, I am gunna get my definate today, I am nearly 5 days late :)


GimmeaBub - October 5

Got my BFP i am happy :) Thanks all


katt31 - October 5

gimmeabub, Congrats glad everything worked out for you! YEAH!


kay101 - October 5

YAAAAY! When are you due?


GimmeaBub - October 7

Not until June i think, I am waiting for my 1st dr's appt, i wanna see my lady dr cause all the male dr's i have had have been hopeless, lol so i thinking i will go this friday. So far i have a headache and i am tired and i am really ga__sy and i need to go toilet but i cant :(. Lol


theflowers - October 7

It is very hard to test positive on an test and not be pregnant but you can test negative on a given test and really be pregnant. I tested today with EPT and my MC was due yesterday and it came up positive right away and I am already feeling slight nausea and a slight headache am unusually ga__sy and have some pain before going to the bathroom for a #2. I am calling my doctor in the morning to schedule an appt. One good thing is that I did start to take the prenatal vitamins about 6 weeks before conception so that folic acid will do the baby wonders.


GimmeaBub - October 8

congrats flowers! yeah the first dr's appt is the most unerving one i have to admit, i was sh*Ting myself today, well, i got my blood test done, so i will probably be much happier when i get the A-OK! lol. i have done about 6 different pregnancy test. All positive. So I am sure I am not going nuts lol. Baby Juice



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